Core i3 performance issues

I am currently running a core i3 530 and have experienced poor peformance in titles like left for dead 2 also in modern warfare 2 (1440x900) I expierence slow down in games along with subtle audio distortion. On left for dead 2 Parish level was unplayable, I find this laughable given my last system was a single core socket 939 amd 3700 with 2 gb of generic ram and a random pos power supply and a 8600gt. I run the audio at 16bit cd quality and 44,100hz pretty standard for integrated, all game settings were at low resolution AA off vertical sync off textures to low or medium AF. Off I am considering a bios flash but notes on gigabyte website for revision are not promising.


-Set bios to defaults
-manually set fsb to stock
-manually set voltage to stock
-manually set ram timmings to stock
-ran prime 95 stock passed
-ram memtest on all stick individually and each passed
-temps about 47C stock at load
-GPU about 72C at load max fan
-updated nvidia drivers with a complete uninstall of graphics card from device manager
-Updated integrated audio drivers
-Have swaped in a 8800gt xfx alpha dog 512mb card with similar problems

***SPECS*** all items are newegg brand new
windows 7 64 bit ultimate
Core i3 530 Clarksdale-stock
gateway case
gigabyte p55m-ud4p motherboard- REVIEW-------->
G.skill ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24 ram stock
Rosewill rg 630 50A 12v rail ( 4 however) :( 80plus psu
EVGA 8800gt 512mb requires 28A
hitachi sata hard drive 500gb
lite on optical
cooler master TX3 heatsink 92mm fan
120mm intake 92 exhaust
lite on optical
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  1. my bad windows 7 64 bit
  2. It also could easily be a memory timing issue. Please provide the complete model number as several fit that description, and if possible a link. Also what is the configuration?

    Is the memory on the mobo compatible memory list?
    Do you try to run it at the default determined by the mobo before manually setting it?

    Have you run memtest on the memory with both sticks in? You should run it with both sticks for at least 8 hours (usually done overnight) to confirm stability.

    Also you might run the system tests at PCPitStop to see if it identifies any significant issues:
  3. 1. Not on the QVL list

    3. yes ran with both stick in.
    4.They run at 9-9-9-24-2n is 2n the same as command rate? i.e. 1t vs 2t
  4. Did the PCPitStop review reveal anything?
    Did you disable the power saving features as someone else suggested above?

    You said you ran memtest with both sticks - but did you do it for 8 hours? How many passes did it make?

    Next steps I recommend trying:

    1. Have you checked Device Manager to see if any devices are not working properly?
    Go to start/control panel/systems/ hardware tab/device manager button and see if there are any red or yellow marks indicating a device is not working properly.

    2. Next I would review hardware installation:
    - reseat the video card
    - make sure all power connections are good - especially the TWO to the mobo and the connector to the video card
    - disconnect all unnecessary devices - such as misc devices connected by USB (leave mouse or keyboard if connected that way), DVD, sound card or network card, card reader, etc. - you can leave all fans connected
    - remove one stick of RAM and leave out while testing - make sure you know which slot to use for one stick - and reseat the one you are leaving in
    - when you have basically the mobo, CPU, HSF, one stick of memory, graphics card, and monitor connected - along with keyboard and mouse - try again and see if that makes any changes.

    3. Next do BIOs update - don't use the option to do it from Windows though. Note their is risk here if you don't do it right. And after you update, go into BIOS and select Load Optimized Defaults.

    Lets see if any of that helps.
  5. Ram was running under clocked at 1333, stock is 1600mhz. In a shot in the dark moment overclocked cpu to 3.5ghz(give or take) thus giving us our stock ram speed of 1600mhz.

    MW2 ran great
    L4d2 ran great !! both on high settings BTW

    Probably should have done this right off the bat, given on a seperate build I had corsair ddr2 800 ram that hated to be lower than stock.

    Guess will see now trying to get passed the 3.7ghz wall. Have upped core voltage,Ram voltage a bit, qpi volts are at stock along with pll and pch not sure what these do yet?

    Uncore @auto is at 15x. Doing so got us into windows (and writing this now) with 1600mhz ram speed at suprisingly stock volts both ram and cpu!

    For some reason the cpu multiplier is locked it says : I5x and thats not a error thats a ( i ). I have tried to change it and it doesn't move and in cpu-z it says are multi is 22, with a little math this is confirmed under bios non-turbo clock frequency.

  6. Well just a little update, my comp runs smooth and fine with all that power saving crap turned off including Windows 7 power saver turn to High performance instead of economy.

    Just one little thing tho(well a couple ), my comp with randomly reset its self, I don't get a blue screen just a reset and then before it goes into windows it will ask if I want to run in safe mode or Normal widows, I have to let it time out on normal windows option cause for some reason my key board wont work on that screen (hard wired keyboard).

    And the other small problem is that when ever I'm in Bios and I enter the current stats page It wont let me exit so then I have reset my comp. very weird.

    What should I do? Should I run OCCT all day and see if it resets and hope it saves the log?

    I haven't read any where else where someone has had the same cpu & board setup as me with any problems. So I'm wondering if its another memory problem since my memory inst what Gigabyte really recommends for this board.
  7. First I will re-ask the questions asked before that you did not respond to:

    Did you run memtest for 8 hours with both sticks in?
    Did you run the system test at PCPitStop and what were the results?
    Did you check device manager?
    Did you do the hardware installation checks listed in #2 above?
    The BIOS update in #3 above?

    Second, what are all the OC changes you made as of now?
  8. Well after running Memtest for 4hrs with both sticks in my comp froze, before it froze memtest read over 200%. I reset and went into the Event Log and what do you and error occurred (error:0xC000000D) this code was the only code I found and it had appeared every time my system randomly reset.

    So I googled it and found out I wasnt the only one with this problem of random resets and frozen comps. Most every fourm I read some guy had a Gigabyte P55 Board with random resets and freezing during streaming video. And their soloution to the problem was to Flash the Bios to the newest bios.

    I went to Gigabytes Website and found out that they have had three so far F5,F6, and F7. Two of the ones that caught my eye in the description were the F6 and F7.

    F6 cause it said "Improve PCIe x8 slot compatibility", wasnt a biggy but when I first built my comp I threw in my friends other 8800gt for sli and it didn't post :( .

    But moving on, F7 Description said "Enhanced memory compatibility" I was like Bingo there it is.

    So I flashed to F7 and It has fixed all my problems in bios (locked cpu multi, Stats screen freeze ect.)
    so I guess for now I will run Memtest again and see if anything happens. and try and find your Pitstop.

    Oh and I clicked your link for PcPitstop and I didnt really know what to download as there were a few PCtest one was Pcpitstop Overdrive and another was Neptune? Sorry I'm kinda Skeptical about random downloads that require me to sign up first. I found PCpitstop Optimize 3.0 on

    Well, If all this stuff works out Thanks Again for everyone's time :)
  9. The specific test has already been selected with the page I linked. You don't need to sign up. You can just click the button near the middle of the page to run anonomously. That will bring up a new page on which you just click "Let's go" and the test is off and running. You may get a box requesting to run the software on your machine - just click yes.

    I have been using this software for years without incident.

    The advantage of signing up is that it will store your results so you can compare future tests to see changes - either from problems arising or upgrades.
  10. I finally got the test running, the issue was I was using FireFox so I wasnt able to get to that specific page.

    The program is pretty nice knida like Everest but fast and easy.

    I'm still not quite sure what you want to know what I got since there is a lot it has to show. So I guess I will start with

    Pit Score:

    CPU ----
    MIPS 42399
    MIPS 0.100 4240 Top 11%

    RAM ----
    MB/sec 27404
    MB/sec 0.100 2740 Top 1%

    Video ----
    MP/sec 705
    MP/sec 4.000 2819 Top 1%

    3D Video ----
    fps 4744
    fps 0.100 474 Top 13%

    Disk ----
    MB/sec 64
    MB/sec 5.000 320 Top 23%

    Internet 1665
    Kb/sec 1334
    Kb/sec 0.200 200 Bottom 12%

    Total 10793 Top 23%
    Pit Ranking:

    Processor Clock Speed Intel Core i3
    2930 Mhz Top 0%
    Memory Installed 4096 MB Top 1%
    Total Storage Space 232.79 GB Top 45%

    Type Clock
    MHz # PCs
    : Tested CPU
    : Score Memory
    Score Disk
    Intel Core i3 4400 (yours) 42399 27404 64

    The only Odd things I have found out of place is it says my Clock MHz# is 4400 instead of 4000mhz as CPUZ & my Bios states.

    I have notice That Windows System imformation says the same thing 4400mhz?

    And the only Fixes Pit stop found was a handFull of cookies.
  11. Those tests look pretty good. HD speed is a little lower than I would like to see, but I don't know what is normal for a Hitachi drive. My Seagate gets 95 MB/s. However, I don't think that should affect game performance too much.

    Are you still having problems with system?
  12. Sorry my Hard Drive Is a Western Digital Blue Caviar 250gb.

    After the Bios update my comp runs better at stock and Overclocked settings, but the one problem I do have is that I cant shut down from within windows(auto blue screen) I have to log out and then shut down from the log in screen and some times it doesnt even want to shut down I will get a blue screen then a reset(this will happen when shutting down or resetting).

    I'm clueless as to why its doing that. I thought it was cause the overclock but turned my settings back to stock and still get a blue screen when resetting or shutting Down.

    Maybe its a windows thing, I don't know?
  13. I am not familiar with the Windows behavior you describe, but it sounds like a weird behavior that someone might have programmed into a virus, although I have heard nothing speific like that. Have you run a complete virus scan recently?
  14. Well I have same problems related to i3 processors
    My notebook overheats
    Graphics card crashes and sound starts to distort
    Windows hangs for hours and Internet speed is pretty slow
  15. Sorry, I dont have a notebook, But my problem was the bios. I had to flash it to the current one at that time which was F7 I think I could be wrong but It fixed my problem which was memory compatibility.

    If your notebook over heats than it could be a fan. You should download CPUID hardware monitor to see what your temps are running at. CPUID hardware monitor shows what your fan speeds are at, what your cpu, gpu, case temp etc are at.

    I do know notebooks get pretty hot especially when they are on your lap. You should be at a table or have atleast a book under it so it can breath.

    One of the "cool" things about the i3 is that it runs pretty cool.

    And always make sure your Drivers are up to date!

    Thats my two cents, hope it helps good luck :)
  16. @sackcheck, are you done with this thread now?
  17. Yep :D
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