Internal motherboard connectors (p6x58d premium new build)

I'm building my first comp right now and had a little difficulty understanding the ports for front panel connectors.

I'm using a p6x58d premium mobo and an antec 900 case.

I put in the reset, power, and Hard Drive LED horizontally on the P/N white adapter thing where it was labeled. I want to make sure i don't have the power going to the wrong pin. How can I ensure i did this correctly?

I put the USB in USB56 (meaning UBS 5 and 6 I suppose?) There is a little blue piece that came in the bag with the white front connector that I'm not sure if I'm supposed to connect to the port on the mobo.

I put the Firewire cord into IE1394 port.

I put the HDA audio cable to Front Panel Audio Connector.

Does this all sound correct? Is there anyway I can ensure that it's all connected properly? I don't want to turn the computer on for the first time to hear a sizzle in the mobo.

If there are any pictures of a fully connected p6x58d premmy mobo that would be helpful.

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    Turn the computer on, if the HD and PWR led's come on they're wired correctly, if not it isn't going to hurt anything, shutdown and flip the connectors.
    Polarity doesn't matter for the reset or PWR switches.
    You don't have to use the Q-connector for USB, might make it a little easier if you intend to be removing it often.
    There's only one firewire port.
    Only one front panel sound connector.
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