Dell 5150 does not recognize replacement hard drive

Dell 5150 with 160Gig Sata Hard Drive that has gone bad
Attempted to replace with a 320Gig Sata Hard Drive and system does not recognize drive
Originally BIOS was at A02 level, have updated to A05, then A06, then A07 with no change
While on the Dell website, it was noted in their threads that there appears to be a threshold limit on the size of hard drive that this system can manage/recognize(max appears to be around 200Gig)
However, in other threads some people have been able to upgrade to 500G and higher with no issues
Question: Has anyone run across a threshhold limit on the size of HDD that can be installed on this model?
Thank you
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  1. If you are referring to the Inspiron 5150, I have one of those; my first laptop years ago. It came with a 40 GB hard disk that went bad. Dell told me that the largest size of HDD that this laptop will handle is 250 GB. So that is what I did.

    I bought a 250 GB hard disk and cloned the old hard disk onto the new 250 hard disk, Working fine now. I also upgraded the RAM to 2 GBs.

    What is the largest HDD that this laptop will handle? Dell says 250 GBs.
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