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I'm having trouble finding a 'gaming' keyboard, mainly because I want decent appearances as well as functionality, but I havn't ever been a PC user before, so there is much I don't know.

One of my question is, if I'm not playing MMO games, what do I need the 'G' keys found on logitech keyboards for? Or are they basically for MMO gamers?

Also If macro keys arn't going to be an issue, would the Razer Lycosa be a good keyboard? It looks good, fits the blue LED theme that I will have going, and all the keys are programmable, but I heard there is a lot of 'key peeling'
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  1. Really for PC gaming, any keyboard does the job for FPSs. In fact, I use a compact Razer Everglide just because of the backlighting, and it does just fine for my gaming. The mouse and mousepad make more of a difference than anything. In my design guide, near the bottom of the components list, is Razar's mouse guide. Gives a good explanation of the different grips and matches up their products to those grips.

    I was using a large mouse because I read it was good for large hands. A load of crap that was. Turns out I'm a fingertiper and low profile and light are better for me. Changed from the OCZ Behemoth to the Logitech G9 and love it.
    There's a newer G9x that is the same form factor, just an updated lazer. Really, once you get above 1800 dpi, the rest is just gravy for the pro grade gamer.

    Hope this helps. If you discover the type of grip you use and want to go other than Razar, we'll try to help and find a competitors equivalent.
  2. Using a Razer Lycosa myself, bit on the pricey side but very nice feel to the buttons and great looks.
    Also if you do want to have the extra functionality of macro buttons in future you can set up any button on the keyboard through the software at a later date.

    Over the years I have gone through countless keyboards trying to find one that had the look and feel of what I wanted and none ever came close untill this baby.
  3. Are macro keys typically used for any games besides MMOs?
  4. look at the microsoft sidewinder keyboard, others might be the saitek eclipse (nice leds)

    the razer keyboards are like laptop keyboards there flat and you don't get the feeling of pushing the buttons
  5. cythx said:
    Are macro keys typically used for any games besides MMOs?

    I have a logitech G15, bought for the backlit keys more than anything else.
    The G keys can be assigned to any combination of keys or series of Keystrokes.
    I use them for assigning groups in CnC 3 / Red Alert 3.

    As said before if your not bothered about backlit keys then any regular keyboard should be ok for FPS.
    You could also consider the dedicated keypads which have the keys in a more ergonomic positions.
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