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I've just bought a new great (?) psu Tagan Piperock 700W.
When I plug a power cable in it I can hear a silent buzzing (sizzling?) sound ( sorry I'm not sure how to describe it as I'm not a native speaker and my english is awful :) ) even if computer is off and even when psu switch is in "0" position!
It's not loud but it's audible (0,5m range).
The computer seems to be stable so far, but I'm really concern about it as I've never heard such sound. I'm afraid that it will break one day.
The other thing is that in pc health in bios I can see 12v rail moving every second from about 11.94 to about 12.08. I've never seen such behaviour before.
Is this normal? Should I RMA?
Please let me know what you think.
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  1. 12v rail moving every second from about 11.94 to about 12.08 is normal, less than 10%.

    Try using Kill-A-Watt to see if the computer is using electricity when off.
  2. I would suspect the sound could be a leaking capacitor, this would support your seeing the voltage fluctutations. Reason being, that you see the change every second which I don't see as normal. The amount of voltage change or fluctuation is acceptable over longer (many seconds) periods or during use but not as you describe it.
    RMA, good luck
  3. i posted something here a while ago about my ultra 550w psu making a high-pitced squealing noise when the pc is on. apparantly it's a coil vibrating or something...
  4. Thanks for the replies!
    I'll try to RMA, I hope that my reseller agrees with me...
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