New card after 9600gt

So I will most likely be getting a new 22" or 24" monitor soon and will be shopping for new computer parts after the new year. I currently use this video card -

It's been a great card, treated me well, but I'm looking to upgrade being that I'm going to get a bigger monitor. For my system specs, I currently run an IntelCore Duo E6300@3.01GHZ, a PSU800, and a nForce 650i Mobo. I'm looking to spend around 150-200 on a card, any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. HD4870/90, GTX260 or HD5770 if you want DX 11
  2. HD 4870, HD 5770 or HD 4890

    HD 4870 = HD 5770 < HD 4890

    HD 4870 < HD 5770 < HD 4890

    Benefits of HD 5770:
    1. DX11
    2. Consumes roughly 80w of power compared to 120w of the HD 4870.
    3. Quieter.
    4. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA (bitstream audio) over HDMI
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