Ordered OCZ SSD...afraid of recent failures?

Building my first machine in almost 5 years and i decided to pick up a 60GB ssd to use with the Intel Smart response feature on my MB.

I should have done a little more research because I recent stumbled on a TON of bad reviews on the OCZ drives having failures...

Should I just return the drive or keep it and roll the dice?


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  1. I have two OCZ drives, a Vertex and an Agility 2. Both have never given me any problems. The majority of complaints that I have seen online have been from people who bought the newest SATA III drives from OCZ, as they seemed to have a lot of problems (though most of the major manufacturers seemed to have some issue with SATA III SSDs initially).

    Maybe I've just been lucky, but I think you should be fine.
  2. SadForce issued a firmware update a couple of days ago that might fix some of the problems associated with ssd's using their 2XXX controllers.
  3. those are the older version with SF 1200 controllers. these older version are better than the new 2200+ version. i have a SF 1200 for over a year now and its works flawlessy. no bios update or anything works like a charm out of the box. SF 1200 has less problem compared to the SF220 contollers, but apperantly there has been bios update to fix all that. I just ordered me a 120gb ocz agility because of this new patch. every 1 so far who has updated to the new bios has no more problems!!! good news so i finally decided to pick 1 up to go with my sata6 Mobo.
  4. I just read too about the Sandforce 2### controller firmware release. Not sure if Patriot has released their own take on it but OCZ's latest firmware (v2.15) was the one just released which both Sandforce and OCZ say are sure it fixes all BSOD related errors or a few of the VERY common ones.

    Because of this I just ordered the Vertex 3 MAX IOPS. Hopefully the v2.15 is already on it but we'll see...
  5. I've got an OCZ 2 Vertex 100GB SSD, Ive had problems with it.

    On Boot Up I've had a SMART error. (Ireally dont know what that means)

    Its completely up to date firmware wise, any ideas let me know.

    Ive had that issue 3/4 times and I've had blue screen which Ive never had before, dont know if there are connected

    Anyones please verify
  6. i have a vertex 3 120GB boot drive. in the 2.5 months since my build i've had three bsods from the drive. basically i would then have a boot manager error and have to power of the pc and turn it back on and fix the bios to enable it as the boot drive.

    i researched the problem and ended up finding a registry tweak that seems to have worked. since doing so it's been stable. i chose not to upgrad to 2.15 unless I see any other issues that can be attributable to the SSD.
  7. what reg tweak did u apply? my agility 3 seems to freeze 1-2x a day. no bsod though
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