Which heatsink for moderate Q6600 OC

Basically what the title says, looking to OC to 3.0Ghz on my Q6600 and decided I should get some aftermarket cooling. Ive been stuck between the following two cheaper options, however any suggestions are appreciated (cheap=better :) ).

Xigmatek Scorpion HDT-S1283

CM Hyper 212 Evo

Note also that I have limited space between my cpu and the side of my case, as my side fan (intake) is in line with the cpu and will block some heatsinks. There is about 150mm max space, however i would rather not have the cooler touching the side fan as this will surely disrupt some airflow and negate the 80mm side fan.

Edit: My RAM also sits quite close to the current stock heatsink.
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  1. I have the CM Hyper 212 Plus (212+), wich is in fact the evo with a few adds/tweaks. Its more than enough to cool a 3Ghz OC (333x9). Im running at about 33º/57º with it in that setup, but, of course, it also depends on the airflow you have in your case.

    As an advice, Id take out the side intake-fan, even when the CM fits ur case (I think i had the same space you do), the cm will touch or be closer than you´d like it to the side fan (mine is about 2cm to the side of the case). CM uses fans to the sides of the HS, being it plain in its top, so an intake fan pressuring air into the top of the HS and the fans, I doubt it would be a good idea or it would do any diff in cpu temps. You can use it to make a push/pull setup with the CM if both your side fan and the cm fan have similar cfms.
  2. ^ +1

    For your reference: I'm cooling an old rig with a Q6600 G0 @ 3.6Ghz, 1.4+vcore using a Hyper 212+ (older, cheaper version of the Evo), temperatures under full load are below 70c, which is about the maximum that should be considered acceptable, even if you're not stressing it that much daily. While I don't suggest keeping the stock heatsink, at only 3.0Ghz (which shouldn't require much extra voltage) you would get reasonable temperatures.

    Keep the side case fan if you have the clearance, if not, take it out for aftermarket HS. Your cooling will still be improved. Simple as that.
  3. Just thought Id inform you all that i have successfully installed the new heatsink with a push/pull setup, been on for about an hour now and looking at about 27-30 degrees idle temps, gonna try out some load temps now. Just wanted to say thanks for all the replies and help, this seems like a great aftermarket cooler :D
  4. Had a Prime95 blend test going (is this the best test for cpu temps?) for about 15mins now, temps peaking at 45 degrees but generally running at ~43, would this be alright for an OC?
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