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I want to put a 2.o T backup hard drive onto a 1 T computer running Windows 7. I intend to use a WD "My Passport Essential SE". Will I have problems with a bigger backup than my internal HD? What added software do I need?
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  1. Having a backup drive larger then the drive you are backing up is fine. Windows 7 has built in utilities for scheduling backups which most likely would do everything you need.
  2. It is desirable to have the backup drive larger than the drive you are backing up. Don't select "Sector by sector" backup, and don't use compression.

    I backup a 1 TB drive on to a 1.5 TB external drive using Win 7 Backup or the free EASEUS TODO BACKUP alternately. I store two of the most recent backups just in case.

    Also create a "System Repair Disk" or Rescue Disk. The option is available both in Win 7 as well as Easeus. Easeus will also do incremental backups if you so desire.
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