I have no damn idea what's wrong here.

My computer has recently started locking up, for 10-20 seconds at a time before resuming normal functioning. That is really the only symptom it is giving, there are no strange noises, no real crashes in programs or BSODs, and while it is working before pausing, it works absolutely fine.

The CPU and memory usage in task manager does not spike during the pauses. Sometimes the pauses will affect the whole computer and i'll only be able to move the mouse, sometimes they will only affect one program and explorer and any other windows will work perfectly.

The pauses tend to occur a lot more frequently when loading something, so I thought it might be HDD failure, but i'm not sure how to check for this other than speedfan which isn't registering anything and anyway it will lock up just as much when deleting things off a USB memory stick. It is probably not a virus as I ran a scan on both AVG free and ad-aware SE personal and neither picked up anything but tracking cookies.
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  1. Id try an alternate AV

    A system stall could be the AV scanning , but you'd expect memory usage spikes to accompany that .

    Try avast , its better than avg anyway
  2. Hmm ... I would guess a software issue, but that would usually mean you'd see an increase in CPU or memory usage. Does the hard drive spin a lot during these freezes (which would be another indicator of software issues), or is it just business as usual?

    Also, how much memory do you have, and what kind? And also what model is your motherboard? You may have done this already, but with random sticking and freezing, it's always good to double-check for basic RAM issues ... like the sticks being in the right slot pairing, the memory voltage being correct (especially), and just having enough RAM to run what you're trying to run in the first place.

    I've also seen stickiness happen on occasion when SATA devices are plugged into ports in a less than optimal order -- e.g. the primary HDD is plugged into SATA2, SATA3 or SATA4. That seems to happen sometimes on boards with vertically stacked SATA ports that aren't explicitly clear about which is which.
  3. yes....even my frnd suffered a same problem.....had a tough work finding out the fault.....made him do a full format.........along with that i opened up the case...cleaned the processor heat sink and fan applied a new spread of thermal paste.......and walla...the computer was all better....looked as good as new........try it...tell meif it worked !!!
  4. if your processor is heating up, it puts a lot more stress on the computer causing pauses and lock ups. apply arctic silver paste and also make sure, if your heatsink is mounted under the mobo that it is not bending the motherboard.
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