ATI 4770 1gb,4850 512mb or something else?

Hi,i need new video card,but i cannot decide.I`m using 19" LCD. i would like 1gb for GTA IV and other games to run good.I have read that 4770 clocks well and 4850 is bit old by now.Im going to buy used card.Going to change processor later.
Right now i have:
X2 +4200 @ 2.5
400w chiefteh
2gb ram

Any opinion will be helpful for me,thank you :bounce:
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  1. Something else.

    Right now you can get a GTS 250 for $119.00, with a $30 MIR making it $89.99. Even if you throw away the rebate, it's a faster card at around the same price point.

    Here's a link to the card: Be advised it may sell-out, and the sell ends after the weekend.

    Given the charts at Tom's (,1535.html) you can expect about a 15% performance gain overall.
  2. Thanks,What is MIR? defenetly looking around for used gts 250.
  3. MIR = Mail In Rebate
  4. Can my 400W chiefteh take the gts 250 1gb
    X2 +4200 @ 2.5
    80gb Harddrive
    2gb ram
  5. ^ No. You'll probably want a good quality PSU around 450W at least.
  6. You probably won't get your MIR back half the time, so don't rely on MIRs. Just get a 4850 - it's a good card. It may old, but it outperforms the 4770, equals the GTS250 and costs less than the GTS250.

    You can get a used 4850 for ~$80

    If you want to go the Nvidia route, go for the GTS250 and hope the rebate company doesn't suck.
  7. Probably. nVidia states a requirement of 450W, but these requirements are usually worst case scenario, because they have no idea what other components you have. With just one hard drive and a processor that's not too power hungry, your PSU should be fine. It will deliver 18A per 12V rail, which should be fine if balanced right.
  8. Your chieftec, if in my link below, will work with the GTS250 since it has more than 24 Amps on the +12 volt rail.
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