OS X will not install on SSD

Hey guys here is the situation, I purchased one of those cheap OCZ Vertex Plus SSD recently (even though it has horrible reviews) and I have not been able to load OS X on it at all. Ok here is what I have tried doing already...

(Im doing this on a Mac Mini 2007 Core 2 Duo model)

1) Installed OS X Snow, formatted SSD and went through install and when it restarts it will not load OS
2) Then I attempted to load OS X Leopard - this one goes all the way through but when it loads into desktop, it will not load anything execpt a "Finder" icon and "Trash"
3) I attempted to use the SSD on a PC using XP or Windows 7 but would not load any of them
4) I found a firmware upgrade to the SSD (3.5) and successfully applied update
5) Now loads Windows 7 with no problem. I used it for a little over a week and no issues
6) Installed it back into my mini and attempted to load Snow once again, back to square one, same issue.

Any ideas, or am I missing somthing here??? Please help!!!

Quick note: The SSD is SATA 2, but from my understanding SATA 2 is backwards compatible with SATA 1 correct? My Mac Mini has SATA 1 controller...any thoughts?

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  1. Have you tried the MAC forums?
  2. JohnnyLucky said:
    Have you tried the MAC forums?

    I have google through multiple forums...both pc and mac but no luck
  3. Dereck47 said:

    Thanks, I didn't know OCZ had a mac forum...I'll give it a try
  4. Hey just in case anyone wonders...the problem was with controller on the SSD when SATA 1 was used. OCZ released new firmware (3.55) not long ago which fixed the issue. I'm now using the SSD on my mini...thanks Dereck47 OCZ forums helped.
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