System wont post please help or give ideas :-)

I have at long last just about all the parts for my PC so I through I would do a dry run and test that all boots up in case I have to RMA some of the parts.

On boot Noting appears on screen fans spin up ect.

The P6T Deluxe V2 when plugged in has a Reset button and a power button
which glow red and green, respectively, when the motherboard is turned on or power is inserted to the PC.

On Power on by other the PC Button or Mother board Button the Asus White light comes on and I have a blue light near the ram (This is normal I guess)

I could not switch off the PC from the Power button I wired black as ground for the front pins.

Memory is setup so that all orange banks are filled (first bank is black and empty)

The 8pin ATX power connector was half covered with a clip ?? So I used a 4 pin ATX cable rather than the 8pn (why is is the EATX half covered)

I have a Prolimatech Megahalems for cooling at the moment I have not wired a fan to it as I wanted to check if the system would post

No harddrives are connected old days you had to have a disk connected is this still the case ?

Thermal paste was applied to CPU only the size of a pea and then just the weight of the Prolimatech Megahalems was used to spread it out

So any ideas or thoughs on the problem I would love peoples ideas.

P6T Deluxe V2
i7 920
Prolimatech Megahalems
Corsair XMS3 6Gig (3x2gig)
Asus EAH2400Pro
Off to see if I can find a PC speaker to check for beeps.
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    Review this sticky for troubleshooting...

    Two quick things...
    1) Remove the plastic cover over the ATX plug and plug in the 8-pin
    2) RAM should be installed so the farthest slot from the CPU is filled (Slot 1) and the memory should be filled in every other slot moving back toward the CPU (slots 3 & 5).
  2. Thank tecmo34
    You hit the problem in 1 it was the 4 pin ATX connector as soon As I popped off the cap and put the 8 pin ATX connector it was fine :-) Thank you very much for your help.

    (The memory is in the correct settings as you listed.)

    One other question as I am building this system I keep flicking back to my other desktop. My monitor has 2 connections a VGA and DVI connector is there any problem connecting both systems to the same monitor and then using the input select to jump to each system ?

    System 1 connected by VGA
    system 2 connected by DVI
  3. No issues... A friend of mine does that on his home stepup, as well. Also at my work, our Graphics department has the same type of setup for our digital press and Esko software.
  4. Aagain thank you for your help tecmo34 :-)
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