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Aftermarket GPU cooler

I am looking for a aftermarket exhaust solution for my GTX 560TI GPU's which i have in SLI. The air must be exhaust out the back of the gpu's. Not looking for any other solution.
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  1. How much space you have between those two GPUs?
  2. How much money are you willing to drop?
  3. I am using a Asus Rampage III Formula LGA1366 board with nothing but the cards on the expansion slots built into a Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Case. Mu budget is 325.00 for the fans. Like i said they must be exhaust solutions,will not selttle for any other solution.
  4. What is wrong with your current setup? Why not go watercooling?
  5. I do not trust watercooling. If you would please answer my question i would appreciate it.
  6. Here a few i had in mind but did not know if they were exhaust or not so i have not purchased any.

    If anyone could let me know if any of these are exhaust or if they can be altered to exhaust i would appreciate it.
  7. Why do they have to be exhaust?
  8. Do not want too add more hot air too the case. My reference fans on my msi 560 ti are not.
  9. I am not sure if i have 3 slots,Asus Rampage III Formula is nice but unsure of space. I have a bottom mounted Antec HCP 1200.
  10. Which version of the msi 560ti's do you have? If it is the twinfrozr or hawk series, it would be a downgrade. Most aftermarket coolers, except for watercooling do not perform as well as them.
  11. TwinFrozr ii
  12. There is no aftermarket cooler better than the twinfrozr. There's no need to upgrade!
  13. I wish there was not,my fan keeps on giving a rattling sound. Like the fan is not working right. If it was you Amuffin would you replace the TIM with a aftermarket solution. I need a exhaust solution to replace the messed up fans.
  14. Anyone have any idea what the rattling cound could possibly be?
  15. Fan bearings, card seated correctly I assume?
    if mine isn't in right the fans click like hell
  16. cards clicked into place without any problems and are not bending the board,i am looking to get a aftermarket gpu cooler to replace the defunk ones,my build is in a cooler master haf 932 case with 4 120mm case fans on the side as intakes. that is why i am looking to get the best aftermarket exhaust solution for my replacement fans.
  17. Won't be exhaust, BTW the 932 won't be affected at all if they aren't exhaust. BTW this is a good one:

    Might be a problem as Twinfrozr II cards if I remember correctly are not standard PCB!!!
  18. What is standard PCB? Do you have any idea what the rattling could be i answered the question. Do u have any other possible solutions?
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    Graphics cards are desgined by Nvidia and amd, they release them to manufacturers in a 'reference' format, the manufacturers then choose to keep the setup given, or alter it
    Sapphire may alter the Vram chips positioning for example,Palit may release it seriously overclocked and Asus like to shorten the cards, add power phases and huge damn coolers, the altering of the card itself makes it a non-reference model,
    I.E. it doesn't match the original reference design provided by AMD/Nvidia
    and this can cause issues for watercoolers mostly, those shiny fullcover blocks are mainly designed for reference models, and won't fit mine properly, so I have to use universal blocks if I want to W/c my non-ref cards
    frozers are excellent coolers and I can't see an air cooler 'upgrade' that is going to improve things enough to justify spending the money,
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  21. Thank you for B.A. man, glad to help and if you ever go to W/c, we can make the experience a good safe one for you
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