Why are Gskill rams recommended?

Hey guys, I've checked the recommended builds forum and looked at other system builds around and saw that Gskill rams are used a lot. Even in gamer enthusiast builds.

I'm building a new system and I wanted to go for Corsair rams because I heared they were good, but now that I see Gskill rams everywhere I can't help but ask, should I go for them instead of Corsair?

The system I'm thinking to buy is going to be ATI\AMD and I'll go for 4gb which isnt too expensive.

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  1. take a look at this -


    at the end you'll see this :

    "We recommend G.Skill’s Trident DDR3-2000 specifically for mid-budget overclockers who believe in the importance of memory speeds beyond those we’ve found to be beneficial to program performance."

    IMO - they cost the same over at amazon.co.uk but on US sites (newegg) they are cheaper. Thus the recommendation. The same goes for the CPU cooler - Hyper 212+ since it has the best bang for buck.

    Personally i use/prefer OCZ but the same will be for Corsair, they are a tad bit expensive but they are bleeding fast!
  2. +1 ^ I have used Corsair XMS2 and OCZ; I like the OCZ better. I currently use OCZ Fatal1ty 2x2GB and haven't had any problems.
  3. I use Corsair Dominators in my i7 build but they are expensive.CL8's
    Have G.Skills Ripjaws in my i3 build CL7's.

    Both are excellent and very fast.
    Honestly though the Gskills are great put them in my i7 once.
    $30 bucks cheaper too!
  4. i have the OCZ Platinum Edition 4GB DDR3 in dual channel. I was in a dilemma whether to get the Fatal1ty or the platinum.

    I would've settled for the G.skill - if only i found it on amazon.co.uk :D but i'm happy with the OCZ premium price as is RYU aka T_T :)
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