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Turbo Boost vs Manual OCing - Explain please!

Hi, noob here, looking to explore the world of overclocking and trying to cobble together an undestanding of the process.

Currently I am able to utilize the Turbo Boost to increase the clock speed of my GPU and CPU by 31% (my CPU runs @ 4.3, forget # on GPU atm). What I want to know is this: If I am currently content with my system being at 4.3Ghz via the Turbo Boost function, is there any reason to try manually OCing?

Here are 2 things I have heard:

1. Turbo Boost essentially boosts the system when it deems necessary (all 4 cores are being "pushed") so you are not ALWAYS running at a particular speed. Is this accurate information? If so, is the process efficient and reliable?

2. Read a couple of places that Turbo Boost Voltages are set too high. I have not consistently read this anywhere, but I am clueless so not sure if this info is accurate.
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    1. Correct, Turbo Boost only works when you add an specific load to the CPU. Efficient?: NO....Reliable: Not much

    2. That was the reason for my answer in the "reliable" part, Turbo boost usually add more voltage than the necessary for be stable at determinate frequency, using manual overclock you can control the voltage, that usually, is more low compared with the used for Turbo Boost for an stable overclock.
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  3. thank you! now the long, somewhat intimidating road to understanding manual OCing...I am sure the rewards will be great tho :)
  4. You will learn a lot...and somethings will prefer kill everything :lol:

    Good luck and have fun ;)
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