2 SSD's - best way to use them...

Hey guys and Gals -

I just put in a order with Newegg for the following -

1 60Gb Agility 3 60GB SSD
1 120GB AGility 3
Asus Z68 Deluxe Gen 3
and I5 2500k...

Wondering if I should use the smaller SSD as a cache drive and use the bigger one for OS and a few games OR just use both SSD's "normally" and have one for OS and a few apps and the larger for games etc? IS 60gb too big to be a cache drive?

I got a little trigger happy on "buying now" before really thinking about it so I'm doing my research on SSD usage a little late :)

I also picked up a couple of cavier black 1TB drives to go along with a couple that I already have which will liekly be in RAID for my main storage... and then I already have a couple of 2TB external drives to serve as backups...

Any suggestions on how to best setup the SSD's on my new rig are greatly appreciated!
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  1. There is really no reason to use a SSD for a cache when the OS is on a SSD. The SRT from Intel was designed more for conventional hdd's and they would benefit greatly from a ssd cache. The cache drive can be up to 64gb and anything over 30gb would be a waste of space as the SRT was designed for a 20gb SSD. I would put only put the OS on the smaller SSD and your games and frequently used apps on the larger SSD. I have a similar setup with my OS on a Corsair 180gb SSD and my games and apps on an OCZ RevoDrive 240gb.
  2. ^5 +1 what inzone said.
  3. Excellent information. Thank you!
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