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So, my copy of windows 7-64 just arrived and I'm trying to figure out what ssd to get. In the meantime, it seems like getting my first backup drive to copy over my current 300gb velociraptor so that I can wipe it clean to reinstall with my ssd is a good idea.

If I were to do so, can I go to my backup drive and choose what folders to move back over to my wiped velociraptor?

New to backup drives.

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  1. I'm a little confused. Are you saying that you are going to install win 7 on a SSD? If so, why even wipe the velociraptor? Once you change the boot order in your bios so that it's boots from the SSD, you'll be able to access the velociraptor with no problem. Once you're satisfied with your SSD setup, you can then just delete the windows folder and any other unnecessary folders/files from the velociraptor and use it as a storage drive.

    Also, make sure the SSD is the only drive installed when installing windows 7. You can reattach the velociraptor and any other drives once the installation is done.
  2. Hawkeyes22 is correct so I’ll just expand on.
    .. Disconnect old HDD, connect New SSD.
    .. Go into Bios and VERIFY that the HDD controller is set To AHCI
    .. Install windows 7. Note if your system is an Intel system you will want to go to Intel’s website and download and install the latest RST drivers (ver 10.6)
    Just select your Operating system and in the right pane click on drivers.
    Everything is OK. Power down and reconnect your Old HDD. Note: do NOT delete anything for a couple of weeks, until you are sure everything is running fine. You will be able to dual boot to the SSD or the HDD simply by pressing the hot key during post that brings up the boot menu (F12 on my gigabyte MB and F11 on my asrock MB. You can simply copy Your favorites over from HDD -> SSD and for email you can do an export/import. After a couple of weeks you can then (1) delete windows from HDD, or (2) back up your data to BU drive and reformat your HDD and copy your data back (This is what I normally do.

    3 Things that I normally do for an SSD:
    .. (1) disable hibernation - save 4 -> 6 gigs
    .. (2) Set page file (virtual memory) min and max to the same value, ie 4 gigs ram set it to 1024 mb. > 4 gigs ram set to 512mb. And you can redirect it to the HDD to save alittle more (Very slight performance hit - but compared to HDD even with SRT you would think its a race car). This save upto 6 gigs
    .. (3) manage restore points. limit the number of restore point or disable. This one if not done can eat up space in the long haul.
    .. (4) One Final Important step: Use windows 7 backup (Under Control panel -> System & Security) and create a image backup for your “C” drive. You can place on your internal HDD (and as a added precaution copy to BU drive). As long as you have the Windows Installation disk, you do NOT need to create the “Restore Disk” when propted.

    For backup, Recommend instead of the WD
    3 ½”
    Drive :
    2 ½ “
  3. Got me on both posts! Thanks!
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