XFX 4870 in HP Pavilion case - heat issues?

Hey all. I bought an HP Pavilion p6180t a few months ago, and I'm swapping out the PSU and graphics card. I'm planning on a getting a Thermaltake or a Corsair PSU, and I want to put in a Radeon 4870, specifically this one:

I've heard that this card can have heat issues (or at least used to, with the old model), and I was wondering if the stock HP case has enough airflow to prevent this from being a problem. I'm running on an integrated graphics right now, and it stays perfectly cool: I've never seen the CPU temps go over 50 C. Should I look into other 4870 brands, or would this be okay?

Also, if anyone's put a graphics card in an HP Pavilion, are there any roadbumps I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It's ok, be ware of the 4870 tho, it could to bee long for ur case, it's 9.5inches long
  2. The only concern I would have since your upgrading your PSU too, is whether or not the case has any fans. Or if you could even add any fans. I ran two 4870's in my computer until recently and with the cooler on that particular card its just dumping the heat right into the case. Have you considered spending a little extra cash and going with a 5770? There is that random chance of getting a bad one but I've never had a problem with Newegg's RMA. The 5770 runs on average as good as a 4870, and is so much more efficient and cooler.
  3. usually HP's and other OEM's use crap for components - you will more then likely underpower that 4870 (cpu/system wise) - prolly better off with something more mid range
  4. ^ I've got a 2.5 Intel quad core and 6gb DDR3 RAM. Do you think I'd be better off just going with a 4850?
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    Since you are replacing the PSU, I can't see a power issue with a 4870. Make sure to go for 500w+ with one of those name brands just for a safety margin, and efficiency.

    As for airflow, it will be essential to have good in-out flow on your case, as that card will dump all the heat into the air inside your box. 2x 120mm fans, one in front taking in, one in the back exhausting should be enough to keep it running cool. Fans are cheap, airflow is one of the most cost effective parts of a rig to optimize. Cable management is just about using plastic ties to keep the cables against the side of the case, to reduce airflow sapping turbulance caused by them hanging about. It is also cheap, and mearly a matter of putting some time and thought into it.
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