Recording Studio PC, need opinions please :)


I am currently starting to build a pc for my band's studio, that is going to be used for recording.
Because it is going to be in the same room as the instruments and the microphones i have certain needs:

1) I need it to be able to handle digital mixing software, VSTs and live recording from a console.
2) i need it to be as quiet as possible, so it needs low heat parts and efficient cooling (no fans would be best)
3)I have absolutely no need of any graphics power, so i will be getting a mobo with onboard graphics.

What i think will work is the following build:

AMD Athlon II X4 620 CPU
8gb ddr3 - 1600 RAM
2x1tb caviar green drives with raid 1 & raid 0 HDDs
Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H Mobo

I would like your input on the parts and recommendations on lower heat, more silent,a and wether you think this build could handle the work. Keep in mind that we are on a budget and we want nothing more than me need for the job.

Thank you all in advance
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  1. Looks fine, however, you might consider changing the HDDs to Spinpoint f3 1tb as they are considerable faster.
    Needing 8gb of ram is debatable. If you want lower heat and quiet, put a aftermarket cooler on the processor.
  2. I will be running many virtual instruments in parallel and they need a lot or ram, also the audio quality will be 24-bit and 96khz so i supose ram wil be needed..

    As for the drives i do not care about performance as much (they are going to be on raid so i guess any last gen drive will be fast enough for my needs) as i do for keeping them cool & quiet, if you have any suggestions on that i would appreciate it..

    I will ofcourse buy an aftermarket cooler, but i dont know wich one.. do you think fanless is an option with this cpu?
  3. Raid speed scales with RPM, the Greens are only 5400 RPM drives, SPinpoint F3s are 7200.
    Maybe the Blue Orb II for a cooler?
  4. I get yuur point and i hear the f3s are low noise so i will go with them.
    blue orb seems good... i gues fanless is not an option then..

    thank you for your help
  5. Perhaps with some work arounds you may land a Deneb x4?
  6. yes a Deneb x4 is in reach, but will it make much difference for the work i want to do?
  7. Yes file compression/archiving *if critical* is pretty much cache dependent Here we see a core less on the X3 710 making it pull ahead l;argely thanks to its 6mb L3
  8. I built a similar setup back in March. It ended up being a dual purpose gaming/recording.

    Amd Phenom 940 3.0 quad core (AM2)
    Asus Motherboard
    8 gigs of DDR 2 1066
    2 1TB Western Digital Black Edition harddrives.

    Here's a summary of my experience and some friendly advise.

    In order to utilize 8gb of ram, You'll need a 64bit Os. I went with Vista 64, I did try Windows 7 64beta. I had a few problems with software compatibility (Programs Crashing) with windows 7 64 bit. Keep in mind that was during the beta testing. And said issues may have been corrected. Don't forget to get a halfway decent sound card/interface. Setting up the recording inputs and levels can be a bit tricky in Vista, compared to XP. Tricky, but not imposable. Asio4all is great for reducing latency with VST's and line in recording. I have yet to attempt a live recording (all mics). I have manged to record guitar tracks (using Guitar Rig and Direct outs from a Pod Pro), Sequence Drum Tracks, And add some mild Synth with various VST's. So far I'm pretty happy with the results.
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