Please help me recover files from a crashed HDD

1st problem:
MY HDD crashed its a WD4000KD 400gb the OS Win 7 black screen "disk boot error disk not found"
i bought a Startech SATA to USB docking station to recover my files, according to what i read, it said to plug usb to PC or Laptop in this case i plugged usb to my Laptop i5 toshiba
Win 7 ultimate, pretty much plug n play, it said it would show up as a mass storage unit.
well it doesnt do any of that, once i plugged it in, it downloaded a drive it made a shime, it said ready to use, my laptop was not able to find it.
i then went through disk management and it doesnt show up, what am i doing wrong?

2nd problem:
my secondary HDD is a seagate 7200 1500gb i plug that drive in and it only shows up in the disk management drive, but i cant access it because its formatted as a dynamic drive,
i dont understand because i am running the same OS Win 7 which was able to access it previously.
when drive is docked i hear it working and spinning without making any weird clicking noises or anything that would indicate it as dead.
can some one please help me out here, on both drives.
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  1. I appreciate your comments guys, but my questions were half answered, I wanted to avoid if I could setting up my hdd as a slave inside a different PC. As I noted I bought a SATA to USB HDD dock, and I was asking if I was doing something wrong by using this as I described in my initial questions.
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