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Here's the dilemma I am in: rural east texas, only 1 broadband provider other than satellite, connection drops out every 20 minutes or less for sometimes up to a minute.

I've emailed my isp and they responded back claiming they are seeing no problems on their end....I run a ping -t to the first jump my packets make after my router and even had a nice graph using PingGraph showing all the Request Timed Out's that happen....problem is PingGraph doesn't actually let you save the data, or have any graph abilities other than whats being shown on the screen.

I'm looking for a pinging program that i can run for a few hours, save the data and import it into excel or some other graphing software so i can email my isp and prove that they indeed do have a problem.

Brief synapses of me and the ISP; I was a network admin for roughly 6 years of a 600+ computer network, I am positive they have a problem and not me. I had to explain to my ISP what tracert did, and how it proved that there was no error on my side. I just need someway to record all the clockwork like packet drops that are happening.

I can't connect to my VPN without getting disconnected every 20-30 minutes, I can't download anything unless it's a very small file without it being currupted, and I can't game for any decent length of time without being kicked from a server. It's very frustrating considering I paid 700 for the install, and 60 a month for 512kb down.....but when you have no other options you have to take whats there.

It will be humming along at 30-70ms then spike up to 2k-3k then start timing out for 30 seconds to a minute then go back to normal, over and over all day long, no kidding atleast every 20 minutes, sometimes less.

So please if anyone knows of some software, preferably free, that i can use to send them a graph of whats happening, let me know.
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  1. ping -t >> C:\PingTest.txt

    The >> sends the output into a text file.
  2. The text file would be huge, if i have no other option I do plan to send him just that with a timestamp attached to each reply if possible. Would be much easier to show what exactly i'm talking about through a graph with nice big red lines showing just how often my connection totally drops out.
  3. Let them do the work of sorting through the text file. On top of that it would give them additional info to see if anything changes on your network.
  4. Ping plotter.. great program. Not free though.
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