Do the new i3/i5 (clarkdale) integrated graphics support dual video?

I've tried looking through these forums, and google, and not been able to find an answer to this. I would think this question would be a lot more common, but can't find an answer. Does the new Clarkdale integrated graphics support dual monitor?

I'm thinking about getting an i3 clarkdale. I do not plan on gaming, however, I do some light graphic design, php development, and a little java development. I could not live without dual monitors. Most of the motherboards (for example, GIGABYTE GA-H55M-UD2H or ASUS P7H55D-M EVO appear to have both a DVI and VGA. Could I drive them both at the same time? (Not interested in gaming/3D, understand it would probably lack the juice for that, just windows, office, & photoshop type stuff)

Anyone know? Even better, anyone have that kind of a setup running?


(Sorry if this is in the wrong category. Wasn't sure if it should be in CPU, Mobo, or Video).
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  1. Thanks for the quick answer! Don't remember what resolution I have them set at, but I know it's far below 2560x1600.

    So then how does that work physically? Do I need some kind of dongle that plugs into the HDMI out on the mobo and provides two dvi connections for the monitors? I'm pretty sure my monitors have VGA and DVI but not HDMI. Hopefully whatever additional cables/connectors needed are cheap, because if it doesn't cost significantly less than a discrete graphics card then what's the point? ;)
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  3. Just as long as it will actually split and not just mirror the output on both, I guess.
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