Looking to build a semi-low powered 24/7 PC

Let me explain my situation in a nutshell.

I'm looking to build a computer for these basic functions to run 24/7:

-File Sharing: FTP, and sharing files across a LAN (for personal use)
-Streaming media across a LAN (have an Xbox 360 I like streaming video to) I assume media streaming dosen't make a difference regardless which setup I have considering the 360 itself is what processes the video.
-I will also be doing light encoding/decoding. The time it takes to encode/decode videos isn't too important.

Currently I am doing all these with no problem on my old gaming computer with these specs:
Asus P4P800-E Deluxe
P4 3.0 GHz (prescott)
GeForce 7600GT
2x320gb in RAID-0 Hitachi Drive (good for my gigabit network with fast file transfers)

My issue with this rig? The heat dissipation is rediculous, as well as the power consumption runs around 130ish watts idle. especially to keep it on 24/7. I believe I can build a more efficient, almost as good or even more powerful PC.

My first thoughts were maybe an Atom/ION computer, but not sure if this could handle the little encoding/decoding I want to do. But seems most efficient. I would like to use my 2x320GB in RAID-0 if I could, but I know the shuttle computers only have room for one drive. If not I suppose buy a 1TB or 2TB drive.

My second thought was to build some sort of low powered Core 2 duo computer.

What would you build or buy if you needed a computer for these simple tasks? or would you keep the current one listed
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  1. Warp speed from the world of DDR to DDR3 on the cheap?

    Perhaps you could recoup a wee bit with the sale of older h/w including that 7600 and stick to integrated video with some under volting in BIOS for the chip :P Lastly if u had to get a HDD consider those juicy Samsung F3 1TBs mmmm....
  2. Pretty good idea.. I didn't even realize I should just sell the 7600GT =)

    I Cringe a little bit with AMD though. I never had good experiences with them =/ Last AMD I had overheated and shut down on stock settings for no reason (even though it was back in 1999 but still =P) But I like it. I was originally looking into a Pentium E5200, but this triple core seems a lot faster for only $10 more.

    How's the power consumption on that 425? think it'll be on par or close with an intel E5200?
  3. Haha no worries with the release of Phenom 2 and Athlon 2 even die hard Intel only clients are now coming to me for an AMD rig hehe I would say it's power consumption is a wee bit higher than a dual core for more processing power though
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