Im all confused, firstly im a new PC builder this is my first attempt with not alot of knowledge and i hope i have come to the right place for some advice.

My question is about what motherboard to get with the setup below which i hope i have done ok with with regards to other parts? My budget was around £1000-£1400.

I will not be adding another graphics card or adding much else to be honest its an online gaming PC and a little simple business use on the side.

Motherboard i looked at that looked simple enough and didnt have anything too fancy i dont need plus cheap (this is in my very unproffesional opnion) is :

Asus P7H55-M Intel H55 (Socket 1156) DDR3 microATX Motherboard [90-MIBBK3-G0EAY00Z] -

This is the parts im dying to go and order yet dont know if this motherboard will compliment the basics i want from a cheapish motherboard or would i have to spend more money one, and is it worth it? Benn told i dont really need SLI or Crossfire as im not planning on adding alot of other stuff except maybe at a later date a bigger hardrive. This problem is holding my order up so please help me decide on something.

Is all this even compatable?

Graphics Card: Asus ATI Radeon HD 5850 DirectCU TOP 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [EAH5850 DirectCU TOP/2DIS/1GD5]

Proccesor : Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz (Bloomfield) (Socket LGA1366) - OEM [AT80601000897AA]

Hardrive : Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 10000RPM SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (WD3000HLFS) [WD3000HLFS]

Ram : Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 (1600MHz) Tri-Channel (CMX6GX3M3A1600C9)

PSU : Antec TruePower New Modular 650W Power Supply

CPU Cooler : Zalman CNPS9900-LED CPU Cooler (Socket 754/939/940/AM2/775/1366) [CNPS9900-LED]

Drive : LG BH10LS30 10x BluRay-RW / 16 x DVD±RW Drive

Hope someone could point me in the right direction please as you can see im a totaly tech noob but im trying pick stuff up alone.

Im based in the UK by the way if that helps with any recomendations for outlets.
Many Thanks for any answers or replys.

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  1. Ok scrap that motherboard im an idiot it wont fit, do you guys have any suggestions for a decent motherboard for this setup plz for budget around £50-150

    Many Thanks
  2. Sorry no, that motherboard is not compatible with that processor. Notice how the CPU says Socket 1366 and the Motherboard says 1156, there is your problem.

    Now that over with, I doubt you will require the performance from an i7 930 CPU. For gaming it is only used for really high end builds, example an i5 750 can perform very similar when gaming with 2 5870s. It is only required when you want to do lots of CPU intensive tasks such as (3D rendering, video encoding, video edititing, etc). Therefore it is not required for you even if you want to Crossfire that 5850.

    Your have two choices, AMD Phenom II 955 or i5 750. The AMD build will be enough for your needs and will be cheaper and more upgradable in the future. Therefore I'd say it is the better choice. I'm not too sure where you want to buy from so I won't suggest parts.

    Also what games are you playing? On what resolution? There is a chance you do not even require the high gaming performance of a HD 5850....

    Hope this helps.
  3. Yes it does thank for your time, as i said im completely new to all this and looking at it you are correct and im starting to feel as if ive totally overspecced this with alot more costs added to it than need be.

    I basically play alot of MMOs online games and it would recieve some small simple bussiness use invoices etc maybe the odd blue ray film to my TV.

    You mentioned 2 x 5870s arnt they more expensive than the one i linked at around £330 each getting 2 would make this even more expensive or am i missing something.

    Looks like back to the drawing board for me hehe.

    If someone would take the time out to list me the parts that would perform close to a top notch gaming PC i would really really appriciate the time spent to help me before i throw away my hard earned money on stuff i will probably never use.

    I would still like top notch gaming PC as i have never owned a decent PC before.

    Im buying in the UK from

    The build i linked came to around £1300 with monitor - no case, keyboard or mouse.

    Reason i started this was i was looking at Alienware and got reading that you pay for the name and you could get the same specs or better for alot less money hence my quest started on this fail road hehe.

    To be honest its become abit addictive and im enjoying running around like a headless chicken all day eveyday on sites try to read and understand stuff i have no clue about, which brings me here.

    Thanks for any future help.
  4. For some reason i seem to prefer the Intel i series, probably as i know even less about the other chip you mentioned.
  5. Sorry missed your one of questions, I play World of warcraft at the moment, Eve and will be playing the new Star Wars one SWOTOR and any good games of the future.
  6. ...I was just talking about 2 5870s as a way to show you that you don't need an i7, as even an i5 750 can get the same gaming performance with 2 5870s.

    Maybe since you have never had a good PC then you would now be looking to play some demanding games when you get your new PC? Get into some FPS like Crysis and BFBC2, or are you not into that kind of thing? If you are looking at playing some better games then I think maybe even a HD 5770 for starters would be ok, then Crossfire it later when you need more performance.

    I know what you mean about not being to keen on the AMD CPUs just because your not too familiar with them. As my first build ,about 1 year ago, had an Intel CPU and up until a few months ago I would not touch anything AMD. Then I had a look at them, their prices, their benchmarks. And I was completely converted all Fanboyness gone.

    Now the problem with 1156 (i5) is that it will not get any more CPUs so that all you can upgrade to is a i7 860. However with AMD you should be able to upgrade to the latest processor in a few years. Also your performance needs do not require a i5 750, also they cost more.

    And yes Alienware is horrible, building your self you will get a better price, more experience, better quality parts and some fun.

    Answer some questions on the graphics side of things and I will do you up a quick parts list if you like...
  7. I re looked at this and was thinking to swap out some stuff let me know if this makes more sence.

    Graphics card: Asus ATI Radeon HD 5770 CuCore 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [EAH5770 CUCore/2DI/1GD5] -

    Processor: Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz (Lynnfield) (Socket LGA1156) -

    How does that look? Would i need 2 x those graphics cards?

    Again i would be stuck for a suitable motherboard.

  8. Yes i would love to try those games i have read about them and they seem to be grapically demanding as far as i can tell but ive never had the PC for them so id rather go slightly overboard than under.

    Your points are very good for the proccesor arguement and i can see your reasons, i will not be upgrading this i would like to have the best at the moment for 2-3 years and then il rebuild another one as this looks like alot of fun. Some member in my family will get a hand me down hehe.

    Therefore i think id rather the i5, soon as i make this i will get both those games you recommended as ive been wanting to try them but not on this dare i say it Dell.....that i paid £800 pounds for 2 years ago.

    Thanks again Punkinator for taking the time to help me i really appriciate it.
  9. It's always good to be able to hand down computers instead of having to have spare parts laying around. The i5 750 is a very high performance CPU and will last for a while with it able to be upgraded to new graphics cards if it is needed.

    Getting the HD 5770 will allow you to put most things pretty high and they are nice and cheap. If you need more performance later you can just smack in another one and then it will compete around the HD 5850 mark. What resolution do you game on? You don't need two graphics cards for the moment, upgrade later.

    Great to hear that you want to play some nice games. =].

    Look for some motherboards with a P55 chipset not H55 or whatever. These allow Crossfire so you'll need one. Post your choice here and I'll have a look. I'd do it for you but I'm in the car on a netbook using WWAN, thats why it takes me so long to reply as I keep shutting it down.

    So glad I can help. I''l check back in 30min or so....
  10. At the moment im gaming on quite low resi but my PC is really bad chugging etc i would love to play everything on max reso to be honest including crysisi if thats possible as im also getting a nice large screen 24'' prolly and some surround sound from my surround sound cinema setup should rock when i get it all.

    I had a quick look as its nearly 2 am here im up for work soon hehe. Do i need a 6gb or 3gb?

    I found a few to link

    One cheaper one and one more expensive.

    Thanks again i will be back online tomorrow after work again, Thanks once again for your help.
  11. If you're going with the 1156 socket, you'll want dual channel RAM. 4GB would be good for what you're looking to do.
  12. ^ As above has said:

    3GB is 3x1GB and 6GB is 3x2GB. These are meant for 1366 X58 (i7 9xx) as they support triple channel RAM. Everything else does not and therefore requires 2 modules so that they run in Dual-Channel mode. Therefore get 4GB (2x2GB) as this is all that is required for gaming.

    If you are looking to almost Max everything on a 24" screen assuming around 1920x1080. Then you are going to need a bit more graphics performance. However I'm sure you don't need to be able to fully max Crysis... So I think either a 5850 or maybe a 5870 is what you would have to be looking for.

    Thought you were linking to RAM not motherboards.

    Ok I've had a look and your Gigabyte one seems pretty good for you. It supports x8/x8 Crossfire which is essential, cheap boards like the MSI one do not. You can get ones for a bit less without SATA 6Gb/s however on this board if you are using dual graphics cards you are unable to run SATA 6Gb/s which is pretty useless if you are going to be running Crossfire. Here is one for 140 which does not have SATA 6Gb/s and has x8/x8 Crossfire:

    Also wondering if you are going to get an aftermarket cooler for your processor? The CM Hyper 212+ is good value, as long as you don't plan on really high overclocking.

    2am for work! Geez.

    Glad I can help, see you then.
  13. Hello again work over.........

    I am starting to get the jist a little more now thanks to you and i was thinking you mentioned that at a later stage i could get 2 x 5850 which would be the same power output as 1 x 5870 as money isnt really an issue apart from throwing it away on stuff i will never get to use fully i dont mind spending that little extra if it worth it, wouldnt it make more sence to get 1 x 5870 now instead of 2 x 5850 as it works out the same money?

    Also if i did run a 5870 would the i5 series work with that or would it still need the i7 series to run properly?

    Id prefer to get atleast 6gb ram, which would then bring me back to the i7 series with motherboard for i7 ?

    Also the motherboard for the i5 and i7 are nearly the same price as well so the only thing in all this that works out slightly more is £100 extra for an i7 thats it unless i stay with one card instead of 2 then i save £100 also there, which isnt alot for me to worth worrying about if its going to save alot of hasssle in the future of crossfireing 2 graphics when i can get the same performance with one?

    I chose a cooler already which was

    If thats what you meant ?

    Let me know your thoughts on my mumblings hehe but the way i see it is if i am going to spend this kind of money i would like to be able to play even crysis on max and if all its going to cos is an extra £100 isnt that worth the extra kit ?

    Many Thanks again hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Here is the motherboard that Overclockers recommended to me via email to go with the i7 that i inquired about at before my rethinking on useing an i5.
  15. Hello. Ok I didn't say that 2 5850s would have the same performance as a 5870. Instead I said 2 5770s would have the same performance as a 5850. 2 5850s would have a lot more performance then 1 5870. Also they do not cost the same, the two 5850s will cost more.

    An i5 will run a single 5870 perfectly and will even run two with almost the same performance as an i7 9xx CPU. Therefore the i5 is more than capable. Also 6GB of RAM is not required for gaming, is there any substance behind your reasons for wanting the extra RAM? Even 3GB of RAM is enough for gaming. This is not a valid reason to go with a 1366 system.

    If your really sure of your want to play demanding games then go for the 5870, it will give you a lot of performance in your games and maybe later on if it runs out of oomf with new games then you could get another one. I think the extra money spent on a 1366 system is unnecessary. Therefore go with an i5....

    Also just to be clear there is i7 on 1156 for example the i7 860, these are the same as the 920/930 series except for 1156. Therefore when talking about i7s and implying 1366 you could clarify by saying i7 9xx, 1366 or x58 (being the chipset).

    Glad I can help, bed time.
  16. ye i got confused just saw you said 5770 just replace my post with the 5770 and 5850. I meant to say 2 x 5770 were the same price as 1 x 5850. Sorry for that. The 5870 is quite a jump up in expense and as youve mentioned i dont think i really need that card.

    I understand so i think what i am looking at is a i5 with 1 x 5850 with a motherboard to be able to get another 5850 at a later stage if required?

    Is the 1156 system above(getting flash now hehe) able to hold more than 4gb ram if required or wanted to add more?

    My reasons are that i play with 4gb and its still really slow i know it doesnt have all to do with that but when i did upgrade the ram i did notice the difference, also it was suggested to me to get 6gb with the ability to add more to the motherboard also, to be really safe and not have to worry later on about ram with Blu ray films etc.

    So its more of playing it safe. Maybe im just used to a crap system and am going overboard but i would still like the option of adding more ram, who knows what types of games will be out in a couple of years.

    Thanks again and goodnight.
  17. All of the motherboards you're considering, have the ability to go well above 4GB of RAM. You can start out with a 2gb x 2 kit, and you'll still have at least 2 slots open. You can always add another 2gb x 2 kit. That would bump you up to 8GB.
  18. Ah wonderful thank you.
  19. Hi again ok this is what i have come with hope this ram fits the motherboard? again im in new territory with this so any comments are really appriciated.


    1x 5850

    the motherboard you suggested -

    Ram 2x 2gb like you guys suggested -

    Cheers guys.
  20. Saving so far i saved £65 by getting the i5 instead of i7.

    £35 on the ram getting 4gb instead of 6gb.

    Getting one 5770 for now would save me another £100 but would be the same if i got 2 of them same price as the 5850.

    Which 5850 is better as there is one slighlty more expensive and dont really understand the differences: - the one i chose or

    Is the £100 saving i get from getting i5 and 2gb less ram really worth the drop in equipment? im sure any saving is good if will not use the extra power of what i first chose.

    Wish i knew how to do all the cool looking watercooling stuff, some of the PC builds ive seen look amazing with the colours etc.

    Anyhows thank you again.
  21. Yes, that RAM and motherboard are compatible.
  22. Final list that i have come up with with just 2 questions, as you mentioned if i have this correct that i dont need sata 6gbs as it will be useless when useing 2 cards? if that is so and i go with useing useing 1 x 5850 would it be better to go for a sata 6gbs motherboard ? Would that motherboard still be able to take another card even though it is sata 6gbs?

    My other question was regarding the 5850 two versions of it, i see one with a fan? il also link both so that you can take alook if you dont mind.

    Il list both on my list so u can have the final say with what ive made and tell me how much ive messed up hehe.

    Graphics card - or

    Motherboard sata 3gbs -
    sata 6gbs -

    Processor -

    Hardrive -

    RAM -

    Power -

    Cooler -

    Bluray RW -

    Monitor -

    Im lost for a case but im told all i need to do is find a full size ATX one that i like?

    I think thats it, this came to £1252.90 thats $1810.5.

    Let me know what you guys think and thanks once more for taking the time to help me out, id take you both out for a beer if you were in London, youve really helped me ALOT and ive learned some stuff also.
  23. Ok hello. First question, yes SATA 6Gb/s will work while you have your single 5850. When/If your upgrade to 2 5850s then you will not be able to run SATA 6Gb/s. Although I doubt you will use SATA 6Gb/s as you are not running some serious SSD's. So I just figured that it wasn't needed, but feel free do go for it if you feel like you want it.

    And yes as previously stated all the motherboards support more than 4GB of RAM. You can tell easily by just looking at how many RAM slots there are, also under RAM where it is talking about it it will also say. Most motherboards even have support for 16GB of RAM using 4GB modules.

    Yes I do believe the $100 (I don't know where that symbol is) saving from not getting the 1366 i7 build will be worth it as there will be barely any performance increase when Crossfiring and it is a fair bit of money.

    Yes I think getting one 5850 will be better then one 5770 now as it allows you to increase your performance a lot more with Crossfire.

    Ok with the two different 5850s, the more expensive one gets you a better cooler. And also "ASUS Exclusive Voltage Tweak Technology for up to 50% performance" I'm not sure if this is not available on the cheaper model. And with the cooler they claim "Up to 20% COOLER during game play and up to 35% QUIETER under idle mode than generic HD 5830 with DIRECTCU Technology". If you plan to overclock it it might be worth the money but I'm not sure, it is a fair difference is price though.

    Contrary to what you think I seriously doubt that you will see ANY performance increase by adding more RAM. I see that you just want to have the option which is always good.

    Are you sure you want to get the 10000RPM HDD, as they are VERY expensive. I do not think the small increase in game load times is worth it. Here is some real world testing:
    I'd just say go with the Samsung Spingpoint F3 500GB

    So glad I could help. Good luck!
  24. If budget isn't a concern, I would advise getting the Velociraptor drive. It won't help much for gaming, but it will help in load and transfer times. It is pricey though.
  25. I tell everyone the same thing. If this is your first build, start small. Very small. 90% of these, "I just build my computer and its not working" threads are from first time builders who threw $1000 at their first sytem and screwed up.

    Sharpen your teeth on something super cheap. Grab any old parts you have, fill in the blanks with the cheapest parts you can find, and make all your beginner mistakes there. You can do the whole thing for less than $150 if your smart.

    Most of the time, your fist build will work out even if you go for broke. But you will learn so much the smaller scale version, and your real build will be that much better for it.
  26. I don't think that's necessary. It's certainly an option, but it seems like a waste of $$ on a system that the OP doesn't want. It's not that hard to put a system together. With proper guidance on hardware compatibility, the rest is pretty simple.
  27. Hi guys thanks once again for all your inputs it has greatly helped me in choosing the correct items.

    Thank you Also punkinator for taking the time to answer those questions, i take it the sata 6gbs will automatically just start useing sata 3gbs when i insert another card? i mean i wont have to change the motherboard. Is the sata 6gbs one i linked fine? its the same price nearly as the sata 3gbs.

    I have two cases i found i liked will these both fit what i want in them?

    Not sure with this setup i have made if there is any use having a side window, will there be anything nice to see hehe?

    Any better recomendations for a case around the £100 mark?

    Im really looking forward to getting started on this build why i didnt get into this earlier is beyond me. Fingers crossed it doesnt go horribly wrong as Falcom mentioned.
  28. If the board doesn't have USB 3.0 or S-ATA 6Gbps, you can slot one of these U3S6 expansion cards in at a later date to add the functionality.

    Spinpoint F3 500GB or 1TB are great drives, I have one for system and one for storage, respectfully.

    As for cases, here are a few I'd recommend - take a look at comments and reviews:

    Antec 1200*
    Antec 900
    Coolermaster HAF 922*
    Coolermaster CM-690 II Advanced
    Fractal Design Define R2
    Xigmatek Utgard

    * Big and spacious cases, both have a huge 200mm fan for cooling. May be overkill if you don't play to pimp your case.

    Lian Li do great cases, little more expensive usually. I don't have much experience with them though. Either way, go with whatever has what you need. You can't go wrong with any of the above cases, IMO. I'd personally opt for one under £100.

    I've got the EAH5850 DirectCU model and it runs very cool despite the lack of stock reference design cooler. As for vendors, Sapphire are another alternative that go well. The Vapor-X is a nice factory OC'd card, little more expensive and stepping toward 5870 territory though.

    I've noticed the decreased availability of the CM Hyper 212 Plus lately in the UK. Bit-tech have a buyer's guide which constantly recommends the Titan Fenrir or Gelid Tranquillo. Both are around the £20-£30 mark. The thing to watch out for with large aftermarket coolers is the size, with a fair amount of 1156 boards, it can obstruct RAM slots especially if the ram has high heatsinks like Corsair Dominator. With your choice (XMS3), there may not be much of a problem, but it's worth noting.
  29. Ive just noticed the cooler i have picked was for the i7 930 1366 setup and noticed the sockets doesnt mention i5 750 1156, will this still go with my new setup i5 750 still or would i need to change to something which states the 1156 socket like this one ?

    Just as i think im getting to the end of this and start building more decisions arrive.

    The Fractal Design Define R2 is one i hadnt seen and i must admit i like it.

    Thanks again for any imput
  30. I've only had experience with Zalman GPU cooling. I know a few people who use the first cooler you linked with AMD/AM3 rigs and haven't heard any complaints. The second one does list 1156 support. Your best bet is to check the Zalman site for info.

    If you aren't planning on extensive overclocking, especially at first, I'd recommend going with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro since the Hyper 212 Pro is out of stock.

    If you want something a little more expensive which will be more suitable for higher OC (3.8GHz +), Megahalems is great, but you'll need to buy 120mm fans seperate so the price will likely come close to the water-cooling Corsair H50-1. There's a lot of choice for cooling solutions, it all matters on how much you intend to overclock and how much you're willing to pay for that OC stability.

    In short, you can always run stock speed with the reference cooler (comes with retail box of i5-750) and pick up an aftermarket cooler later after research. If this is your first computer build, I wouldn't go all out for a cooling solution. The only upset investing in a separate cooler later down the line would be having to clean and reapply thermal paste.

    The only thing to watch out for with the Fractal Designs R2 is the front door will obstruct any fan controllers or protruding front panel equipment - which doesn't seem like a problem with your current planned setup - and the case only supplies two 5.25'' drive bays for optical drives (DVD/CD-ROM/Floppy), but in this day and age, a lot of people will only use a single DVD drive. It has a very simple classic design which is very nice. I know it's readily available in the UK.

    Here's some reviews which may elaborate on the potential issues, most give it decent marks:
  31. Intersting hard drive test read ive been looking at various stuff similiar to that on other parts of the PC, i was told about the Velocityraptor by a friend who use it and also swears by it so i guess il give it a go.

    Im not planning on any overclocking atm, as im just getting into this but it maybe a possiblity soonish so id rather get stuff now that i wouldnt have to change to do so.

    I dont mind the extra few pounds it costs.

    I did a compare for i5 750 1556 and i7 930 1366 setups with only the slight changes for ram and motherboards and coolers to be compatable with each setup from 4 of the top component companies in the UK for each component, got the cheapest component from each website and then added them all up for 2 totals.

    Now i have learned alot here just in the past 2 days thanks to you guys and some reading online and i totally understand i will never see the difference between the two setups as i just dont use that much power, but for arguments sake here are the numbers.

    This is with all of the above i mentioned with the changes for each setup like 3 chan ram, motherboard, cooler for the correct sockets, including a Lian Li Case and 24" monitor also.

    i5 750 1556 setup - £1394.89 ($2016.80)

    i7 930 1366 setup - £1521.87 ($2200.39)

    I still have a niggling question that i dont quite understand will a X58 or p55 motherboard sata 6gbs be able to take 2 graphics cards?, does the process once a second card is inserted then switch to a sata 3gbs automatically? or does the setup require a new motherboard with sata 3gbs?

    Or am i just confusing myself here hehe?

    Thanks again chaps, really nice forums i hope one day i am able to contribute to maybe amswering some other noobies questions as you guys have for me.
  32. Yes obviously it switches to 3Gb/s without you having to buy a new motherboard, otherwise what would be the point. Just go for the 6Gb/s one as you seem keen on it. You can get boards which allow 6Gb/s with multiple graphics cards, especially on X58 as it has more PCIe lanes. However I really don't think it is required...or not.

    No you are not going to see anymore performance for what you are doing with a X58 build. Also the cost increase is a lot more and with that money you could go with a 5870 which would actually get you more performance.

    What is your stance on a case and cooler? Too many posts since I've been back.

    Glad we can help.
  33. Hi punkinator, im probably going for your idea of the i5 setup i was just doing some number crunching of the 2 setups, only thing i was reading was that the new chips that are out 6 core? are useing the same socket as the i7 setup which would mean that the 1156 sockets are end of line?? im purely guessing but.

    As for cooler ive gone with is for i5 -

    i7 i used this -

    Cases i wasnt sure whether it was worth looking at something with a side window as im not sure there is too much to show off with a first build and this setup? but i found a few that i quite liked here they are: - was my favourite. - was half the price - wasnt bad - wasnt bad either

    Im pretty sure if you was to do a small list you would reduce my price by a fair amount for the same performance, i keep getting sucked into "ah this one has 500 ghz more blah blah blah its only £15 more etc" and by the time ive done that with each component it starts adding up when i probably dont need it.

  34. Yes that is correct that the 1156 will not get anymore processors. I specified this at the start, when I was suggesting an AM3 build. However if I remember correctly you said that when you need an upgrade you would get another computer and the current one would be given to someone in your family (don't want to scroll up and find it, as its a massive thread).

    If what I just said is true, then it doesn't matter that new processors will be coming for 1366.

    The LED version of that cooler is also compatible with 1156 it seems:
    Those coolers are pretty good, obviously not the best but still nice. Also they look top notch as well. However they are also more expensive compared to coolers that perform better.

    Yes there will be stuff to show off, this is a pretty high performance machine. So yes its worth looking at finding one with a side window.

    With the cases, the hardish part. Just go for one you like the look of but isn't overly expensive. They all seem pretty good with cooling. The second one only sports 3 internal 3.5" (HDD) bays which is not many. Lian-Li supposably make more quality cases so I guess I can't put down the first one because of the price. Also I don;t think it looks overly good but its your opinion. If you don't want to fork out the money then go with either of the Coolermaster ones.
  35. Yep your right you did mention near the start of the thread about the upgrade possiblities, i was just browsing around and reading.

    I guess your right about the side window then the fan ive chosen should look nice aswell. Do you have a suggestion for a cheaper cooler that would look as nice through a window and performs better?
    Yep it does seem to say on thier site its compatible but doesnt on Overclockers site i would have to double check that by phoning before i purchased it.

    hehe youve thrown another spanner in the works with the idea of a 5870 card with i5 for the same money as the i7 5850 setup, its never ending all these possiblities which is why this is so interesting for me.

    Il try find a nice case with a side window that doesnt look too tacky, i like the Lian Li one as its sleek looking not too over the top but sham it doesnt have a side window and yes its very pricey but i did find it on another site for £116, il keep looking.

    Cheers mate
  36. Um I just realized that you changed your 6Gb/s motherboard from the one you previously said. That motherboard you have selected does not support x8/x8 Crossfire which I talked about. Look at the motherboard I gave the go a head for.

    No cooler will look better than the one you have selected. Here is a table of its performance:
    Note that this is a bit old though. If you want to go with best value I'd say the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer as they are cheap. Although obviously not as appealing as the Zalman. I couldn't find them on overclockers though.

    Clearly if you can spend the money then the 5870 will give you more performance however the 5850 will still serve you very well. You choice. =]

    Yeah ok I see your point. I though the second Coolermaster one you listed was similar though.

    Didn't see your last post.

    Ouch on the price on the first one.

    The second and third look nice and rather cheap. They look very similar.

    You already listed the HAF 922? Or was that without a window...

    Your certainly not a good person when it comes to cases. =P
  37. Yep sorry i must have copied that wrong motherboard, these are the ones i was looking at for both setups the one you linked for 1156 and - for 1366

    I dont see anywhere on those 8x8? or is it just where it states (Supports ATI CrossFireX & NVIDIA SLI Technology)? meaning 8x8, sorry for the stupid question.

    Looks like the cooler you suggested is only availible in the USA i cant find it on any site in the UK.

    Yes lol seems i am maybe abit difficult for cases, im not really a youngster so i guess im looking for something more sleek looking and not too tacky and over the top looking.

  38. I found this cooler from the test page you linked, its cheaper, has some good results and looks quite nice or is that me showing my bad taste again hehe

    Might help if i actually add the link -
  39. "Yep sorry i must have copied that wrong motherboard, these are the ones i was looking at for both setups the one you linked for 1156 and "

    I didn't understand that too well. But I think I get it.

    "I dont see anywhere on those 8x8? or is it just where it states (Supports ATI CrossFireX & NVIDIA SLI Technology)? meaning 8x8, sorry for the stupid question. "

    Not a stupid question, probably the best question you could ask. No it does not state it there, you have to do a search for it. This site has a bit of a list for reference:

    Oh ok...

    Yes I understand, just find one you like which doesn't cost a fortune.

    Seems like your pretty much set. This thread is getting a little long. Good Luck on finding a case.

    Bed time. =]


    Didn't see your last post.

    Yes that cooler seems pretty good. Its a little hard to make sure it will fit though, as with all coolers. I'll leave you to search around for it as I'm going to bed =]. Just search for it with like "fit" and stuff, you probably won;t find someone talking about it with your motherboard but just find a thread talking about some motherboard and it should give you a pretty good idea.

    Also I think it looks nice as well, orange i like.


    Theres also the Hyper 212 as well. Its good and they have it at overclockers.
  40. Yep looks like i have all the info now to help me choose and build a hopefully great PC thanks to you guys on this forum.

    Many Thanks to you all, specially Punkinator for taking your time to go through this with me, would have been totally lost without this info.

    Cheers mate!!!
  41. Great news! Good luck on your build and have fun, you will enjoy. Glad I could help you to become more knowledgeable on this topic. Its been a long but enjoyable time =]. Maybe you could send me some pictures of it when you get it all going, my address is on my profile.

    Thanks. Have fun.
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