Hard disk not working , tried everything

Hello,im a big fan of the online community, and expect great results. Any help would be appreciated.
Alright so i have a 1tb HP hard drive, worked fine for more than 1 year, then one day i turn it on and it says I need to format it "drive not formatted". i have irreplacable documents on that drive and refuse to format it. i have nero rescue agent, and i think that might work, but i dread running that for 5 days.

This is what i have done so far:

Change Drive letter
run WinTest and every option

This is what programs have told me:
the drive is in RAW format
it has all my files
Accrording to Wintest my bootsector is OK
and backup boot sector is OK

I am not an expert in computers but i am willing to learn.

I have read many threads about people who have had similar problems and have solved theirs but no solution has worked for me.

MY computer :

Del E5500 Lattitude
Windows 7 Ultimate
Hp SimpleSave 1TB Hardrive (aforementioned)
WD 3tb hard drive (possible recovery target location)

please feel free to ask any questions, any help would be appreciated.

Also please recomend any software including paid as money is no object.
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    Well i hope i didnt screw it up more, but now when i try to access the drive it says "Q is not accessible" "Parameteres are incorrect"

    I have been at this all night, hope i get an answer soon
  2. alright this is the latest version of the messeage "you have to format drive H: before you use it" "Would you like to format now"

    btw i manually changed the drive letter.
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