Anything i need to upgrade?

Would this pc last me through 2010?. is there anything i need to upgrade? (i have 200-300$)

C2D E8400 @ 3.3ghz stock heatsink
Windows vista 64bit
750W Silencer pcpowerand cooling
4gb 800mhz ram
xfx 4890 oc
gigabyte ga ep45 ud3r mobo
250gb HDD
regular standard dvd drive? lol
asus vh242h 24" monitor. i game at 1920x1080
computer case. just a random cheapo gaming pc case. can only fit gfx cards up to 10 or 10.5 i think. just fits 9.5 4890 but thats because of where the power plug is, its a mid atx case

current games i play

cod mw2
heroes of newerth

i max all of them
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  1. If there isnt anything that you need it to do that it cant then dont upgrade now, only upgrade if you need it to be better, you have a pretty good system already so there isnt much of a need to upgrade.
  2. ^+1 Hunter315's comments...

    Only thing I would get is another 4890 and get a faster hard drive like the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB, if your system can't do what you want. Both of those will provide a good performance boost to help last through 2010.
  3. I think that system should last at least another year without any problems. You could always add another video card or upgrade to a better one in the unlikely event that what you have is not enough.
  4. well a newer hdd like samsung f3 mentioned and maybe get windows 7
  5. That ought to be fine until you're ready to replace the whole thing with an i-something machine. You can probably carry over at least the PSU when you do. Although if you leave everything as-is, this wouldn't be a bad "second" machine to have for several years.
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