New setup - i7-2600k idle temp in low 40s with CM 212+

Here is my setup:

Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3
I7-2600K stock
CM 212+ hyper plus with 1 stock fan locate to the right side (ram side) - pushing hot air toward the back of the case
1 front 120mm stock fan from cooler master 430 - pulling cool air inside the case
1 back 120mm artic cool from microcenter - pushing hot air outside

Idle temp: 39-35-35-36
Prime95 after 15min: 55-58-58-58

1/are theese number normal?

(I did notice when installing the after market cooler, i couldnt completely tighten the screw, and the heatsink was able to slightly laterally turn, just a light tad the heatsink rotates...but there is no visible gap the processor and heatsink.)

2/The bottom line question is, does CM 212+ beat the stock cpu fan ?

3/Any recommendation regarding the airflow?
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  1. The problem here is your case, however those temperatures do seem a bit high. Try getting another fan for a push pull configuration. But another possibility, is you added too much thermal paste. The temps you are getting are the temps I get when overclocked.
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    Idle should be around 28-32 degrees depending on the ambient temps,

    but prime95 are pretty good

    here's someone who's got problems with temps
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