Can't check my GPU's temps any more!

Ok iv'e posted about this problem a month ago- after i updated the drivers for my GTX 295 i could no longer check my temperature (with anything- SpeedFan, GPU-Z, you name it). Someone suggested waiting till the next drivers came out since that might fix this. I thought that made sense so i just waited. Well here i am now, with brand new drivers and still nothing. What is the problem??
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  1. So when you open GPU-Z it doesn't show your temps ?
    Does reverting back to older drivers show the temps again ?
  2. You might try the EVGA Precision Tool off of their web site.
  3. Try GPUz with the drivers came with your graphic card.
  4. When i use EVGA precision, or any other temp monitoring software it just reports both gpu's temps as 0C nomatter what. I guess i'll give going back to original drivers a try. Whats that software that removes drivers for you? I'll need it before i roll back on drivers.

    Also to Mudit Sathe: How do games run on that rig in your sig? Im building some PCs for a few friends and those parts are more or less in the budget so im just wondering how it performs.
  5. Well in "Add/remove programs" you can remove the driver,but for a clean uninstall you will need "Driver Sweeper" (Get it from here : )
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