SSD light stays on and system slow

I got a new sata 3 ssd for my vaio sr130n which is sata 1.

First I tried to install windows 7, it passed copying and expanding files, restarted and booted from ssd and passed completing installation and restarted again, but when it came to "setup is preparing your computer for first use" the hard drive light stays on without blinking and it take ages to go further.

Next time during installation I loaded intel ahci driver and setup completed and system comes up. But after several minutes the hard drive light stayed on and the system got so slow. afte restart system freeze at startup and the hard drive light is on.

I tested 32 and 64 bit version of windows.
I don't know why this problem occurs. It's not due to incompatibilty because SSD works fine some times.

I replaced the old drive and it works very well.
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  1. The first thing I would do is verify that (A) the laptop has the latest bios firmware installed (visit Sony support) and (B) verify that the SSD has the latest firmware. For SSD you will need to vist manuf support website.

    What SSD did you buy (pease do not say a OCZ vertex3/agility3/solid3 plug $ PRAY SSD also applies to most of the SF22xx controller based SSDs).
    Personal experience with OCZ Agility 3. Bought it to go into a Nice NEW i5-2510m laptop. Tried every way to sunday it just would NOT complete an installation of windows 7. I updated it FW from 2.02 -> 2.06, tried cloning, check OCZ forum and realized I blew it - replaced with a Curcial M4 SATA III SSD and installed perfectly!!

    IF using the latest Firmware and still no instal If you can exchange for a SATA II SSD such as the vertex-2, intel 320, or Better yet the Samsung 470 that might be the best option.

    If you bought the Sata III thinking it would work better - No you are limited by SATA I speeds. If bought with Idea to move it later to a new system was a good idea, but keep in the back of your mind that the diff between a SATA II and a SATA III in terms of performance is only about 15 -> 20% improvement in real life (FORGET THE overblown Benchmarks.
  2. RetiredChief said:

    Chief - That's "SadForce" :lol:
  3. ^ That's even better than my "Plug & PRAY" for OCZ Sata III SSDs
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