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I started to install win 7 as an upgrade thinking it would just ask me for my xp disc. Nooo. So I've been trying to install xp to upgrade but it won't install on my system. The install stalls when it goes to start windows and I get this "A problem has been detected... STOP 0x00000007B ... " I've tried inserting the win 7 install disc and formatting the drive, no luck. I originally had 16gb (4x4gb) so I removed 3 sticks and no luck. I do hope someone might have a solution to this dilemma.
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  1. Found out it was the sata driver that needed changing. In Asus Bios-advanced-advanced changed Sata mode from AHCI to IDE
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    dont even worry about xp. just install the windows 7 upgrade disc. do not connect to the internet during the fresh install. after windows 7 is installed, insert the windows 7 upgrade disc and choose upgrade. let it complete the upgrade process and now your system is ready to rock'n'roll.
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