Psu issue?

Hi, I wondering if anyone could help b4 I spent any more money.

I was having a problem with my computer restarting whilst I was playing games, in particular Crysis. Seeming to do so at the most graphically intensive moments.
I heard there may be some conflict between my GTX275 and my asus motherboard, so I changed it to a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR, and added 4 gig more ram as this board offered more slots.
The problem persisted, and if anything got worst. So I got myself a new graphics card (GTX285), now the problems even worst, crashes on 3dmark, which it never did b4. So Im thinking it must be the PSU? ..I was sort of thinking that from the beginning, but was reluctant to change it as every power calculator I use tells me its fine.

Ive got a 800Wpsu
q6600go @3.2 gig (also crashes when not overclocked)
8gig ram ddr2
3 sata drives
creative x-fi soundcard pci-e
wireless network card pci

Is that the logical next step? Is there a way I can find out definitively what the problem is?

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  1. The fact that your problems are worse when you added a higher power GPU does imply your problems COULD be power related.

    Everyone here is going to want to know... what's your exact PSU?

    To be on the safe side, run Memtest 86+ to test your memory and clock your CPU/GPU/memory to their default values. You want to eliminate as many variables as possible... overclocking just adds to the complexity.

    Also, what's your case like? Got good air flow?
  2. Cheers rodney_ws., Ill run Memtest etc.

    That case is pretty large AKASA INFINITY tower case with 3 fans. Seems pretty cool.

    ...Just wondering, am I hooking the gpu up right? Im connecting both 6pin connectors from the same leg from the power supply. Could that be it?
  3. my PSU is 800W EXCOOL SLI/SATA/24V
  4. Your PSU does not provide 800 usable watts of power. I looked it up... here are the specs

    Voltage Load
    +3.3V 32A (WTF?!?)
    +5V 35A (WTF?!?)
    +12V1 17A
    +12V 16A
    -12V 0.5A
    +5VSB 2.5A

    The +12V numbers are the ones you care about. I'd say these specs are more typical of a 400 watt PSU because so much of that 800 watt rating is coming from the 3.3 & 5 volt side... and well, that doesn't really count for jack on a modern computer.

    However, since you did say that you had plugged up both 6 pin connectors from the same lead, I think you have your card powered incorrectly. Your PSU has two 12 volt lines... and it sounds like you're trying to feed the card off of just one of them. At least try to remedy that before giving up entirely on your PSU.

    If that doesn't work, you'll need a slightly beefier PSU than the one you have... and please pay attention to this part... EVEN IF IT IS A LOWER WATT RATING THAT WILL BE OK AS LONG AS IT IS A QUALITY UNIT. I have a Corsair 650 HX that could man-handle your system. Why? Good brand, good internal components and a ton of amps on the 12 volt rail. I just hope you haven't damaged anything with your off-brand PSU.

    Something like this would be adequate without breaking the bank...
  5. Just looking around online, some forum topics are suggesting you need as much as 46 amps on the 12 volt rail in order to power a system with that card. To me that sound a little high, but still... it's well north of what your PSU is capable of pushing. So yes, it appears your PSU is no match for your system.
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