Why won't my ASUS A8-32 MVP Deluxe run an ATI 5850 Black edition video card. This has several techs baffled
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  1. Post full system specs. My first guess would be that its not getting enough power, does your power supply meet the requirements for that card?
  2. Amd 4400 dual core
    ASUS A8-32 MVP Deluxe motherboard.
    2 gigs Mushkin ram
    Antec 850 Watt PS
    !0,000 RPM Velociraptor

    What I've tried, Cleared CMOS, tried three identical video cards, all which checked out fine at Fry's. The really don't like me now. Started with a 580 Watt PS and changed to the 850 with no luck. ASUS claims the motherboard should handle the card. ATI in non committal. Updated BIOS. Newest version is dated 11-07.
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