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I have a computer in the living room with a s-video cable to the TV (still using old standard definition TV). Using ATI catalyst, there used to be a way to make the TV output be a clone of the computer desktop, but when a video is played, the video goes full screen on the TV even when the VLC player (or any video program) is minimized to the task bar. This allows you to surf the web or whatever on the desktop, and have the video play full screen on the TV.

I can't seem to do this. I can clone display on the TV, but I have to maximize VLC in order to see it on the TV. The issue with the clone is that I can no longer use the computer desktop to surf the web. Also, depending on the resolution on the TV, I don't see the whole video, only parts of it (I can move the mouse around and the video pans on the TV).

If I set the TV as a horizontal span, I can move the VLC window over to it and maximize it. This works OK because the video on the TV show up full screen and shows the whole video completely (no panning). This also allows me to surf on the computer. However, it precludes the ability to watch the video on both TV and computer monitor. I know...I want too much.

I still think the correct setting is "Clone" + "maximize video on TV", but I can't find the setting for maximizing the video on TV.

I'm using ATI Catalyst Control Center 2008.0225.2153, the latest version as of today. The video card is a ATI Radeon HD2600 XT.
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  1. I think the option you're looking for is called "Theater Mode".

    -Wolf sends
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