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what processor can i upgrade to presently i have celeron 2.66 i have upgraded to 1 gb of ram using two bars not having no issues would just like better performance its a compaq persario SR1123WM motherboard MS_6577 ver 4.1
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  1. Starmicro has a p4 2.66 533 fsb cpu for only $10 plus shipping. The product id number is 1020. Don't try the prescott version unless you want to use a better heatsink. Your board will only work with 533 fsb cpus; 800 requires a different board. If it doesn't work, you can sell it on craigslist for free.
  2. its an ich 4 should be able to put a 3.0ghz pentium

    this one should be able to run in it and its only $28.00 US
  3. ty for your quick replys will reccomend you to friends
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