Will I get a large increase in framerates if I OC my Core i7 920?

System Specs:
-Asus P6T Motherboard
-Intel Core i7 920 (D0 Stepping)
-3x GTX 260 Core 216 in tri-sli

I just upgraded my system to a core i7. I left all BIOS settings on Auto and everything is running well. I especially like how cool my core i7 stays. With my Cooler Master hyper 212 plus and Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound my i7 idles at 23-25 degrees celsius and is around 36-40 degrees at load. I was wondering how much difference I will see in FPS in games if I overclock my cpu. I was getting about 65-75 fps in Far Cry 2 on ultra high at 2560x1600 last night with no OC. I was thinking of doing a mild OC to 3.0GHz by setting the BCLK to 160. If i do, what should i set my CPU Voltage to?
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  1. check out this guys guide to overclocking an I7
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    Most games will see a boost but unless you are playing Crysis it wont make any real difference in most games with Tri-SLI going.
  3. Good call. I think I'll wait on Overclocking until theres a game that doesnt run smoothly with my current settings. No sense putting extra strain on the CPU if I dont need it yet. thanks.
  4. If it's extra Frames you want then it's the GPU(s) you should look at over clocking. It think you could get at least another 10% from the GTX 260.
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  6. I'm sure no one will read this but I thought I would update my thread anyway. I have overclocked my i7 920 to 3.2GHz and I have replaced my gtx 260's with two HD 5870's in crossfire. I am getting ridiculous framerates in all my games at 2560x1600. Modern Warfare 2 ranges from 140 to over 220 fps!! I have also done a small overclock to the videocards.
  7. Very nice. Yeah about 3ghz is the sweet spot for those gpus on that resolution. Higher resolutions require less from the cpu so 3.2 should be golden for ya.

    I'm jealous. :-/

    5870 crossfire on a 30" monitor mm mmm!! I can only dream. :)
  8. Haha. Cool. Thanks man. Wasn't sure if I should increase OC to 3.5. I'm definitely very happy with my new setup. The hard part is avoiding the urge to get two more Dell 3008wfp monitors to try out eyefinity lol.
  9. You can always try it out and see if you gain some fps. 3.5 is still a mild oc for i7. :)

    Lol, yeah good luck with that.
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