Without UPS, power went out

Never thought this could happen to me, but it did :??:

I was just staying in front of my computer watching a movie, next thing I knew a "black out". Usually I wouldnt even give it a thought. reason I am worried is bc, this is a brand new desk top i just put together least than 2 weeks old. (btw, the power is still out as i am typing this up)

Here is my question: After i turn my computer back on, which steps/things should I do to check for Hardware damage / software issues caused my the sudden power out.

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  1. You'll know right away if there is any problem, since you were watching a movie there isn't any reason for anything to be harmed in the drive. The only real issue is loss of data if your system is writing to the drive when power goes out and you weren't.
    A black out is typically safe, it's when the electrical system surges trying to stay on that real issues occur. Unplug the system until after the power comes back on and appears stable.
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