ATI 4850 win 7 x64 artifacts and driver issues

I've looked all over the place to see if I could find a solution and I haven't found one as of yet.
I recently upgraded my system to an i5 running on win 7 x64 and I used my ati 4850 from my previous setup.
In this new system, the 4850 is showing some flickering and artifacting in games and in some instances when i'm browsing the web.
I'm currently using the catalyst 9.11 drivers and when I tried to use the 9.10 to see if they work, they caused more problems (caused BSOD and heavy freezing).
I do have my card overclocked, but before it wasn't ever an issue on my old system. I'm not sure where the problem lies and any help would be appreciated

Old system
pentium D
asus p5d mobo
enermax 485W PSU (+12V 1 & 2 = 32A)

New system
core i5
asus p7p55D
OCZ fatality 550W PSU (+12V 1&2 = 50A)

everything else is the same on both systems, minus the RAM
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  1. I know your card was stable with your old rig but return it back to stock speeds and check whether it helps or not
  2. try the 9.9 driver
    It’s a healthy list of supported GPUs from both camps, including integrated graphics. The only other requirement is that you have the latest drivers installed. I used 195.50 from NVIDIA and Catalyst 9.10 from AMD. (Update: The Release Notes now indicate Catalyst 9.11 drivers are required, which would explain our difficulties in testing. ATI just released Catalyst 9.11 but we're having issues getting GPU acceleration to work, waiting on a response from AMD now)
  3. i really would like to keep my overclocked settings, so i'll try the 9.9 drivers first. Also, although i don't think it's an issue, could it be the psu failing to keep up when overclocked?
  4. I know you like your OC'd settings but i wanted to check whether it works fine with stock speeds or not
  5. fair enough, i'll take a look when I get home tonight.
    Additionally, in the new CCC i can't find the VPU recover section that they had previously, and if i remember correctly when i was using xp it was present. Any insight?
  6. vancoRx said:
    fair enough, i'll take a look when I get home tonight.
    Additionally, in the new CCC i can't find the VPU recover section that they had previously, and if i remember correctly when i was using xp it was present. Any insight?

    VPU recover is a ATI service running in run-services.msc if you open task manager, go to the process tab while you have CCC open you'll see one or two ATI processes running, that's the VPU recovery. As for drivers I had the same issue with 9.11, it gave me horrid artifact glitches accross any game, the kind you'd see only when using Overdrive with too high memory clocks, I reverted to vista64 9.9 for now and they seem to have gone away, although that annoying CCC refresh interrupt thing is still there but it beats having the artifacts :D
  7. So i tested the card out when I got home, and when I returned to normal clock speeds there were no more problems. I'll recheck to see if overclocking it causes the problems again or not. Previously, I used the ati overclocking tool to get 700/1200, and when I scaled back to 690/1100 the problem seemed to resolve itself. The question I have is why was I able to manage 700/1200 clock speeds previously on a seemingly inferior system?
  8. hmm that's strange,did you have the Cat 9.11 on your old rig too ?
  9. yes, but the old rig ran win 7 32 bit with 2GB ram. This is really confusing, since I thought it may be a temp thing initially, but my whole system runs much cooler than my old system ever did!
  10. Try to OC your card but not as much as your old rig and check whether its stable on slightly OC'd clocks or not
  11. were do you overclock your GPU?
  12. Its overclocking via software. Now you are using the same overclock software applied through a different os and different hardware. Hardware with a new chipset design. No northbridge. Evidently this is changing something. Maybe not heat related.
  13. Overclocked to 690/1150 using ATI's built in overclocking program that comes with CCC and everything is fine...very strange
  14. UPDATE: so after tinkering around everything seemed fine when at 690/1180, even though at 700/1200 weird texture issues occured in some games. Then last night while surfing the net, i get artifacts just in the web browser, none on the actual desktop. I checked the gpu temp and it was running at 37-40C, which seems rather normal...I really hope it's a x64 driver issue, what's going on???
  15. Well it seems your OC doesn't play well with the new system,does it run without any problems on stock speeds ?
  16. i'm testing that now and I'll see how it plays out. Could this be a driver issue?
  17. Alright so after 24hrs at normal clocks, no issues appear to happen. I don't think the card's life is up, but i'm a little miffed I can't overclock it in spite of low temperatures
  18. I know this is a verrry old thread but I am having the exact same problem with my hd 4850 and my win 7 64x
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