Changed to GPU hd5770 and upgrading phenom tri to p2 x4

I am writing a new thread on tis matter, i am optimizing my pc for Flight sim X......ok guys GPU the 5770 is working great, and phenom 2 x4 I am ordering soon... im still looking for the article i read the black seriese of the cpu is bettering the ati gpus...i formated and lost the link, just plz reply guys because i will soon need to install my new cpu and im looking at a copper heat vent with a fan on it for heat sinc, i have a big heatsinc on tri core alrdy but i know it gets very hot already so im looking at the copper heat pipe + put a fan on the top of it, any suggestions would be great! Also im gonna need some help over clocking had promblems melting lol those were old pcs tho. with the heat pipe, i should be able to open it up allot more, but dont wanna chance it! Also if copper heat pipe and a large fan or if i need to get an alternative source of heat reliefe because i dont know much on the copper heat pipes.... PLZ RPLY im getting emails saying old thread is done so lets keep it alive guys please cuz all of u have helped me a great deal. or post here@ Thx Bonz
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  1. Toms hardware just had a good review of many air heat sinks. I suggest you begin there in your quest for the prefect heatsink for you.

    As for going to the P2X4, please make sure it is supported by your motherbd. For example my mobo only supports cpu's under 100 watts which means none of the current p2x4 will work for mel they are 125w.(well except for the really slow one -1.8ghz i think)
  2. Here is the article, please remember that many of these coolers also work for the amd socket.,2535.html
  3. my motherboard is a asus m3a78-em , its Am2+ but thing is you can put the new phenom chips(socket AM3 chips) in an AM2+ but not a AM 2 plus in a AM3 socket! lol weird i know,,, read tons on it, ok good vid card radeon hd5770...check, next phenom 1 tri too phenom 2 quad, and slight overclocking of CPU, ill be ready too play Flight Sim x no probs, and higher graphical settinfs with less hanging... its a CPU rather than GPU based game so the p2x4 will do me wonders! So the heatsink idea is good??? thanks for the help so far
  4. is kinda what i had in mind, then for xtra clocking, put a bigger gauge fan on this, or is there eo one made with fan already??
  5. I would say when it comes to cooling on Air no one does it better than Thermalright. Stick with them and you wont regret it! I have the TRUE Rev C. 120 and it rocks!
  6. Another option: CoolerMaster Hyper 212+
  7. yes great ideas, i have a question, insted of getting the vlack ed og p2x4 is there a big difference in like phenom2 925- 965 i mean some are 3.2 but with black being 3.0 would i be better getting it for the overclock? some chips are 4 and others are 6 mb of cache memory, but same prics lol, can anyone xplain, and since the am3 fits the ams+ r there n e in particular to stay away from?
  8. Go to for reviews and top-5 (actually 10) lists of air coolers.
  9. For the cooler I'd go with the Hyper212+ - for the money it is one of the best performers and will have no problem cooling your phenom II x4 CPU. (assuming you have decent cooling on the rest of the system so that there is good airflow inside the case.

    On the CPU I'd go with the X4 955 BE - since it is a black edition it has the unlocked multiplier so makes getting the most out of it easier - and is $15 - $30 cheaper than the 965 but is the same CPU just set to 1 less multiple on the CPU multiplier at stock than the 965.
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