Bad framerates in games and other problems

I'm pretty sure my computer is not performing where it should be and I can't figure out why. If anyone could help me fix this I would appreciate it so much because I'm just out of ideas.

First off, here are my specs:

Intel i7 2.66
EVGA X58 SLI LE mobo
ATI HD 4850
3gb DDR3 Ram OCZ

My furmark score is 1500. Shouldn't it be around 6000?

I can't play Modern warfare 2 because of horrible framerates. Arkham Asylum and Assassins Creed also have bad framerates. Just about every game.

When I click and drag my mouse across my desktop the selection box lags very noticeably behind the mouse.

My drivers are up to date!!

I got to a point where I purchased a Nvidia 9800 GT and there was no difference in anything. So i guess its not a video card problem.

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  1. Drivers up to date but in your position i would do the following. The mouse issue for me is typicall VGA issue ( at least for my experience).
    Remove all drivers for the VGA and do it with the tool mentioned above to be sure everything is removed properly:
    Then download fresh dirvers from ATI page and reinstall.

    If this does not help check your DirectX if everything seems okay there ( you might ron the stupid tests inside sometimes, not very often but rarely, they reveal issues).
  2. Make sure you have the latest mobo chipset drivers and all the latest windows updates before installing/re-installing the video drivers.
  3. Thanks for posting.

    I did everything but sadly nothing helped.

    Any other ideas? I'm completely stumped by this...
  4. Have you checked your vid card control panel that AA and AF arnt maxed out? what res you gaming on?? possibly power supply??

    Try running at native res with AA and AF turned off! Your G/Cards is only = to an 8800Ultra...still quite capable but not with all the bells and whistles on todays games @ HD resolutions! Also disable Vsync!
  5. The AA and AF on my Catalyst Control Center are set to "use application settings" I usually play on 1024x768 or something around that. I don't play on 1680x1050 for sure. I have a 600watt OCZ power supply, I think that's more than enough..

    I just don't understand how my friend has a quad core 2.0 and a 9600 GSO and he runs games better than me....
  6. Have u connect the power connector to your card(4850)?
    I have it too(4850) and i can get all HIGH setting when playing MW2 on 1280*1024...
  7. Yea I have it connected. See, I don't know why I get such bad performance.... I should also be running it on HIGH.

    This is stressing me out lol.
  8. maybe, try your vga on your friends pc and see if that problem still exist....
  9. hey im also using ATi and i have almost exact problem as you

    bad framerate in some games and my driver is also up to date 9.11
    happen just a few week ago

    could it be a problem with ati card ?
  10. I'm not sure, I bought a 9800GT and I continued having the same problems.
  11. I fixed it!

    My RAM was at the wrong voltage. I dont know why, i never touched them.

    Thanks for everyone's help, I am very grateful!
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