Hi I have an ASUS P5N EM HDMI board I have recently upgraded my bios to the latest version, is it possable to return it back to the origional factory version.Its weird ever since I did the upgrade the fan on my video card pulses about 5 times on startup. so I want to return it to factory. thanks for any info . :sol:
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  1. The latest BIOS includes programing from earlier BIOS versions. BIOS doesn't control video card fan speed. You didn't mention which VC you have, but the video card's driver software can control fan speed on the card depending on the card.
  2. the vc I have is an hd 5750,the fan pulses about 5 times at startup and then it is fine,but this started imediately after I updated the bios,is it possable to roll back the bios to factory settings?
  3. The board should have an Award bios. If I'm wrong and the bios is AMI don't use the tool. You can downgrade with the Award tool below (tested on P5N-T Deluxe), it requires no switches just use it as you normally would.

    Award Bios Utility
  4. Thanks, hey has you or anyone else ever heard of something like that after a bios upgrade? are there frequent probs by doing this. the only reason I upgraded this was to try and gain access to the control settings in the bios for a possable overclock, but there is no access on this board.other than that everything was ok,well thats what I get for f@#$%&ng around when nothins broke. lolololol : :bounce:
  5. I've only had it happen once and it was with the P5N-T Deluxe mentioned above. If you do everything by the book most bios flashes go smooth, flash in DOS and not Windows, restore bios defaults before flashing, disconnect USB devices before flashing, and clear CMOS after flashing.

    I did everything by the book with the P5N-T Deluxe and still had issues with the updated bios. I used the Award tool above and downgraded using the CD method, files wouldn't fit on a floppy. After downgrading things were back to normal.
  6. thanks to all, great forum community!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sol:
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