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So here's my question, I have a HP Pavilion 7935 with a bad psu in it. I currently have a working psu however it's too big to place in the case and mount. I need to know if the motherboard is also gone before I spend any cash on replacing the psu. Here is the question, can I take my working psu and plug it up to the motherboard for a short period of time outside the case for testing or will this damage the board if it isn't already damaged? Here are some specs.

Old PSU: SPI FSP200-50SNV 200W
Working PSU: Turbolink LC-A420ATX
Mobo: ASUS A7V-VM (Congo)

What do you think? Would this be ok or will it damage the mobo if it isn't already?
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    Yes, you can do that. Don't touch it while under power.
  2. great thank you so much!
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