New Build with Closed Loop Water Cooling

So I'm browsing Newegg and I see a couple combos with the Carbide 400r.

One combo is the case with the h60 water cooler for 150 before MIR and the other is with the h80 for 180 before MIR.

Both also would be 15.00 less after mail in rebate but lets face it, I'm not going to count on money being sent back to me.

I'm gonna pair with the i5 2400 or equivalent for ivy bridge and don't plan to overclock it anytime soon. This is my first build.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If your not overclocking you don't really need an after market cooler. I'd go with the 2500k and the h80 if you can afford it. Just bump it up to 4 GHz if the need arises.
  2. I could get the 2500 since I do save about 50 because of the bundle. Is the h60 sufficient?
  3. H60 is OK, but I really hope you don't have a lot of expectations for it over a decent air cooler. (Example, 212+ will perform almost the same for a $30 cooler)

    If you aren't overclocking, you aren't going to see any difference in temps between a decent air cooler an the H60. You might even see the same temps using the Intel stock cooler. CPU's don't require liquid cooling for the most part until you are doing some pretty moderate to heavy overclocking. Below that and it's mainly for show or hobby.
  4. Oh ok. I would get the 212 evo but the h60 is the combo for the same price basically.
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