Help my computer won't turn on at all!

so here's the thing, I had a perfectly normal working home built gaming system and I kept trying to overclock it to a higher ghz. and during a test it turned off, the top lights were blinking, which then i turned off the power to the comp, and when i tried to turn it back on had no response from the comp.


MB: 870a-g54
cpu: phenom II x6 1090T 3.2ghz
ram: corsair vengence 8gb 1600mhz
cpu cooler: hyper N520
gpu: radeon hd 6950
850watt psu
1terabyte hd
windows 8 consumer preview 64bit

So far, I've ruled out that it's NOT my psu, I disconnected it left it connected to a case fan and did the green wire pin test and it turned on and powered the fan just fine. I lso tried to clear CMOS already.

Note the comp turned off during a prime 98 test, got too hot reached about 70C, before i stopped it from working.

I'm suspecting/hoping its a fried mobo... I really hope its not my cpu or gpu, how can I trouble shoot this?

Note, when I took off my 3 pin cpu fan from MB and replugged my cpu, the fans twitched lights kinda turned on, and it beeped once, and then back to no power at all. So it's almost like it's attempting to turn on but nothing. Please help, I want to rule out the exact harwdware issue so I can have it replaced and get my comp back to working conditions! thanks!
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  1. I have a strong feeling it's the motherboard but I want to know your inputs before i go off to the store and waste money on a part I dont need? I've tried reconnecting everything, I had to leave my vid card on as my mobo has no on board graphics. It just seems none of my components are getting any power, but I know my psu is working becous of the above test. SO obviously my powersupply isn't getting a signal from the mobo to turn on.
  2. First have you tried removing the GPU card (understand no iGDU and might want to unplug the DVD and HDD drives as they are not need for this test) to see if it will give you the Beep code for no video card installed.

    If No Beep code and still only get the momentary "twitch on cpu HSF fan then:
    1) CPU or MB. You are not getting the "I'm OK" signal with in the allotted time (measured in millisec). And here in lies the problem, the only way to tell is swapping with a known good MB or CPU, and it is possible that both have been damaged.

    2) While you can say that there is an Output from the PSU based on the fan turning, This is not a conclusive PSU is good. Probably should buy one of the cheap PSU testers (not the greatest, but better than your "Fan test". Or My prefered method is to buy a cheap digital voltment from Walmart (About $16) and measure the voltages. Digital voltmeter is SIMPLE to use (Just google How to use a voltmeter) and there are very handy for around the house and car, NOT just for computers.
  3. The limit for your cpu is 62c, yet you ran it to 70c, it's probably ok, but could be fried.

    "850w psu", that's the scarey part. When someone lists all their components by make and model and then lists "850w psu", that pretty much says it's generic. A 850w generic psu may only be 500 real watts, plus it probably doesn't have any circuit protections.

    Not sure how you ruled out the psu because it powers a fan.......LOL

    I'd start with a new psu of around 650w. A quality unit with at least a basic 80+ certifcation.
  4. The test I did is what corsair says to do to test if the psu is working. let me get you a link

    I just bought a new MB Asus M5 A97 and a new cpu cooler, corsair h60 water cooling. I'll let you guys know if it turns on with the new MB, and I guess when I get more money I'll get a new psu at least 1000w. Hopefully this works and my cpu is still alive. I did have a decent cpu cooler on it, the hyper n520 air cooler.
  5. Oh! and I tried the psu, with all my case fans, so it powered like 8 fans... Thats how I came to the conclusion its the Mb, because I know that when you turn on your MB it signals the psu to turn on, via the green cable in the 24pin mb connector.
  6. It's a thermaltake 850W psu, not sure if thats poop... any who, I will be testing the new MB when I get home, worst case scenario is that the cpu is fried also...
  7. Just because the test confirms the psu is "working" because it runs 8 fans (lol), doesn't mean it's capable of powering a 200w video card and a 130w cpu plus other components.

    You think 8 fans it loading your psu?
  8. umm... well it turns out the test was right, my psu is fine. I replaced my motherboard right now with an asus m5 97 and the computer booted up like a charm.

    Problem solved.
  9. Why didn't you rma the mobo?
  10. I have no idea what rmaing a mobo is.. o.O
  11. You contact the MB manuf and Say your MB died. Based on the warenttee they may replace FREE of Charge and provide you with a RMA Number. Probably you would have to pay postage.

    Normally from 1 -> 3 Years. Some have been know to replace the MB with an updated version.
  12. ah ok, i might do that then. just to have an extra mb =) tyvm
  13. That's a great idea.
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