WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA 3 HDD

I bought a WD caviar balack 1tb SATA 3 HDD, afetr install it and install a fresh copy of win 7 there is no performance change in windows experience index, also hd tune info says that it's a sata 2 hdd. why is that for and what should i do, my mobo is ASUS M5A97 that has two SATA 3 ports on it and i enabled AHCI mode in BIOS.

Thanks in advance
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  1. You won't see a difference in window experience index because Window set all mechanical HDD to have a max score of 5.9.

    Are you sure your HDD is a WD1002FAEX not a WD1001FALS?

    But sata 2 or 3, there will be little to no difference for mechanical HDD as the HDD cannot saturate sata 2 bandwidth.
  2. HDDs can be SATA 3 "compatible", but not SATA 3 "capable".

    The buffer of your HDD (64MB) can transfer data at 6Gb/s but that's it.
    The actual maximum Read/Write speed of your drive is 126MB/s.

    No HDD can spin fast enough to saturate a SATA 2 port, let alone a SATA 3 port.

    Here's a link to the spec sheet for your drive: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-701276.pdf
  3. Yes my HDD is a WD1002FAEX, i just download the latest HDtune and it shows my HDD is a SATA 3 :) so the only diffrence between my two seagate baracuda 7200.12 500 GB SATA 2 HDDs and my WD caviar black 1TB SATA 3 is the buffer size! thats it? what about SATA 3 performance improvements?

    anyway thanks guys for your quick responses
  4. SATA 3 has not shown to yield any improvement when using HDD. The increased buffer on the WD drive also does not seem to yield a clear performance boost. Other drives (Samsung F3 as an example) perform better or certainly equal to the WD drive without these features. WD is a good drive, it is just no enhanced much by these features.
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