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I have an OC'ed 6950 @ 900/1350/1.180v
The card idles around 57C. At 40% Fan speed the card stays at 57C while Idling. I just turned the fan speed down to around 10% and the temperature only increased 2 degrees (to 59C). Is it safe to keep the fan at 10% or should I increase it to get back to 57C idle temps?
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  1. 10% is ok when on the desktop but crank the fan speed up when playing games
  2. I have Trixx running to kick the speed up to 40% at 65C and gradually increase thereafter. Is that about what it should be?

    Another quick question, should I use the +20% powertune settings in CCC?
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    If you used the catalyst drivers to do that then Im assuming you manually set it to 10%(The newer catalyst drivers only let you go down to 20%)?

    If the fan is set to automatic so it can spin up under load then I don't think you will ever have an issue but If you manfully set it to 10% then your load temps probably will get pretty high when playing games.

    EDIT: Just saw you have Trixx, yeah 40% is pretty good.
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