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I have an ATX 450W PSU with 19A on 12V rail.Will it be able to run a XFX 9800GT 512MB without problems?
The requirements r 400W 26A on 12V rail. And i am not keen to spend more on the PSU. If this PSU is not good for the card then pls suggest a suitable PSU.

I looked on the PSU and the model was ATX 450W 20 + 6 rails


Also my pc specs r:
E5200 @ 3.00GHz(overclocked from 2.5GHz)
2GB 667MHz Ram (Single Slot)
1 DVD RW Drive
Intel 945GCMS (MOBO)

i havent bought the GPU yet and i would like to know whether i have to buy a PSU with it or not.

Thnx again
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  1. what name is the psu
  2. I searched enough but the name was not given. it was only written ATX 450W 20+6pin. It has only one +12V rail with 19A. It came with a Frontech CPU case(cabinet).
  3. You should definitely get another power supply..What is your budget for a new power supply?
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    The newer 9800GTs are low power and don't have a power connector which means at most they will use 6 amps on the +12v rail. These cards will probably work with your current PSU however a decent PSU is always a good thing to have so I would recommend upgrading. You also may want to consider a better card if you are going to be getting a decent PSU.
  5. A poor quality or under-powered PSU can cause many problems..Upgrading the PSU will open doors for you as far as upgrading your PC in the future..If this is your main PC then you definitely don't want to cheap out on a PSU, rule of thumb has always applied, you get what you pay for..
  6. Thanks all.
    I looked under it and the company name was Frontech.
    I have bought this psu:

    Now i am having a problem in plugging one of the 4+4 pin CPU connecters.
    I think it goes inside fine but the clip doesnt fit. The clip in the 4pin connecter of my older PSU was fine
    Here is the link for the pic
    Older PSU:
    New PSU:
    Look at the clips. The older one's clip is in the middle and the newer one's clips r on the extreme sides.
    My pc specs are mentioned above.

    Pls reply soon. I am getting restless to play my new games.
    Thnx a lot.
  7. The clip is no big deal, as long as it goes in far enough to give power it should be fine. if it prevents you from using it consider breaking/cutting the clip off. It's just there to secure the connector but it will probably stay in fine without it.
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