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I finished my first computer The components are: Asus p8z68 V Pro, i7 Intell 2600k unleashed (2nd Generation), Watercooling H60 and HHD 2 T green WD and SSD 60 Gbs among others. The idea was to use SSD for the OS, so far is fine but I had to change location on folders for Videos, Music and Pics for the HHD, I haven't using it yet. This afternoon i tried to download a PC game to tested whe I went to save it is going to C (SSD) which is already full with drivers and OS and couldn't change location. Also I'm confused with Marvell seting in Bios in order to used correctly SSD and mechanical drive, do I need to enable IDE mode or AHCI. Both are in ports 6.0 in the motherboard withth 6.0 cables. can someone guide me trough this?

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  1. The dark blue ports are the marvel sata3 ports, the grey is the intel sata3 ports and would recommend using the gray ports. Use ahci, this should've been set before installing windows. Download location is set in your internet browser.
  2. Your SSD is full already? There must have been other things on their - I'm running a 60GB SSD with Windows 7 and drivers installed and it's only half full.
  3. If you just installed the OS then you havn't had time to use it and there probably is nothing to be lost if you reload the OS. I would do that and change the setting in the storage section in the bios from Ide to ahci. Which you can't do after you have loaded windows unless you do the registry hack. You should be able to designate the location of where you want to download to.
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