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my hp dv7 1132nr/model fs136ua motherboard is not functioning told by hp it needs to be replaced w/new
uma architecture, supports amd turion 64bit dual core processor, part #486542-001...
Question; is there a cheap replacement i can use until i can afford to get a tech to give my puter an overhall...Im able to replace motherboard on my own but not an expert
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  1. I would suggest that you download the Manual onto a different computer and then follow the step by step directions provided for repair/replacement of parts.

    Its good that you can replace the motherboard. This is probably the hard part. The rest would be easier, and with the confidence you gain you may not need any outside tech help (costly).

    There is no cheap interim replacement (band aid) - get the right parts and do it yourself. If necessary, take some digital pics of the parts before you do any dis-assembly.
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