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Hi there,

I'm planning to build a new system which I intend to use mainly for software development (I'll need to use vitual machines), but also for video transcoding and the occasional game.

I looked around a bit in the last couple of days and I came up with this configuration:

Mobo: Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P
CPU: AM3 AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 4 x 2GB RAM DDR3 / 1333Mhz KINGSTON Valueram (KVR1333D3N9/2G) (for a total of 8 GB)
VGA: Sapphire ATI HD4890 1024MB PCI-E
PSU: 850W (W) CORSAIR 850TXEU 14cm V2.x (80plus)
Case: Cooler Master 690
Hard disks: WD 300GB + Seagate Barracuda 1.5 TB
Cooling: 2 x ARCTIC 120x120

It's been a while (6-7 years) since I last built a PC from scratch so I'm afraid I might have missed something, in particular I'd like to hear opinions on these issues:

1) I'm not 100% sure I choose the right type of RAM, I double checked the RAM compatibility lists on Gigabyte's website, but I'm still not sure, maybe 1600 MHz RAM would be better but apparently the CPU doesn't support it (and the mobo seems extremely picky about the RAM, kingston is pretty much the only compatible model I could find in my regular stores)

2) I used an online power supply calculator to calculate the power consumption, it turns out I'd need a 700W PSU, but I decided to spend a few extra bucks now in case I decide to add an extra graphic card or more hard disks; is that calculator accurate, and if it's not, how do I calculate the required wattage?

3) this is a more practical question: since, as I said, I'm going to buy the parts and assembe them myself I'm not sure what kind of extra equipment I might need, I'm planning to get a thermal compound for the CPU fan, do I need anything else? The CPU comes with a fan, I shouldn't need anything else right?

If there's anything else (including comments or suggestions to improve the setup) anybody would like to add I'll be very happy to hear it.

Thanks a lot for reading this.
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  1. For transcoding you would be better of with an i7 860 than a Phenom II, the added threads will make the VMs and transcoding run better. It will cost you slightly more but will save you a fair amount of time

    I assume the 300GB WD you are considering is a VRaptor? If so dont get it, the 500GB Samsung F3 out performs it in sequential read and write for wayyy less,2430-7.html

    A 750TX from corsair is enough for 2 4890 so it can save you a fair bit of money over the 850TX.
  2. What hunter means by "slightly more" is $100-200 on the CPU and $50 or so on the mobo and $50 or so on the memory (might be exagerating a little...). He is, however, correct that it would perform better.

    If you decide to stick with AMD, don't buy the 965. Instead go with the 955. It will save you $20 and get you essentially the same CPU. The 965 is just a factory overclocked 955.

    I also second the 500 GB F3. It won't cost much more than even a regular 300GB drive, and will be faster.

    I also agree that a 750W PSU should give enough power.
  3. Well since he chose a 790FX motherboard you can save on the motherboard, the 860 costs about $90 more than the 965, and the memory he picked can be used for both as its 1.5V so its only about $90 more if you get an equivalently priced motherboard so its not much of an increase.
  4. Well, about $130-150 more is a fair estimate, 100 more for processor and about $50 for an ok Asus. This one is only $119. Memory will not be more at all because the i7-860 still uses dual channel....

    965= 199
    am3 mobo = 80(no x-fire)

    860= 290
    1156 mobo = 120 (no x-fire)
  5. Thanks a for the feedback guys!

    @hunter315: the 300GB WD is the disk of my old computer I was planning to transplant it to the new machine, but thanks for the advice, if I decide to shop for a new HD I'll definitely get the Samsung

    I'm seriously considering the Core i7 860 since I found the combination:

    ASUS P7P55D LE P55: € 97
    INTEL Core i7-860: € 220
    Total: €317

    Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P: € 128
    Phenom II X4 965: € 160
    Total: € 288

    Also I'll get the 750W.

    I think the performance gain is worth the extra 29 bucks (plus I finally get to have an Intel and my friends will have to stop calling me cheap... ;-) )
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